July 7, 2010

Sierra Buttes Spring Epic Biking, May 14th

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Peter and I went mountain biking in Downieville a couple of weeks ago. We went as part of a large group who were invited because we are members of the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (i.e. we donate money for trailwork). The weekend included two days of mountain biking and one day of trail work.

On the first day we went for a ride which started in this tiny town called Forest City (population around 10-20 people). First we did a loop that started and ended in Forest City and had us riding through some snow banks and a river crossing. One part of the trail was either just created or just redone because it had been cleared by a machine to be about four feet wide.

At the end of that ride the Sierra Buttes team had a little care van set up with fruit, chocolate, chips and drinks. I think I ate a half a watermelon all on my own.

We then went on another ride which went quite far out of town and required a *grueling* road ride to get back to forest city. The dirt part was really fun but it will be a while before that road climb allows me to remember it. Luckily Peter helped me up the hills or I think it would have taken me all year just to ride back.

After the up hill the Sierra Buttes team was waiting with another care van but this time full of chips and margaritas.

At the end of the day we went back to the campsite we had picked out and ended up sharing it with a couple of really cool girls. They were way more prepared then we were and had all sorts of snacks and were really generous. We made new friends!


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