July 21, 2009

Cats and Rodents

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Click on the image to get a better view of the thing in Hunter's mouth.

I went to Santa Cruz to visit my family this weekend and right before I left my sister’s cat caught a gopher. We were standing in front of the house and my sisters cat, Boo, who is *huge* (see below), sticks one paw into a hole in the ground and flips out this rather fat gopher. The poor little thing tried to crawl between two loose bricks, but he was too fat, and before I knew it Boo had given him a big *chomp* right in the middle. I jumped in my car and mom ran in the house…

Rachel phone 006 Rachel phone 088

Then on the way home this crazy rodent went running across the freeway right in front of my car (he made it), so I knew there was some third rodent situation coming soon.


Last week I saw this cutie under a tree along the sidewalk, rooting around in the leaves.

Soooo, today when I got home from work Peter and I heard a cat hiss outside of the office door. I looked out and there was Hunter with not a leaf, cat tail, worm, or even a butterfly in her mouth, but a mouse. She was hissing at Penny because she clearly didn’t want to share. I thought the mouse was dead so didn’t think to much of it, but when Peter followed her outside to take a picture she was letting it go then chasing and re-catching it.

20090720-884 20090720-882
20090720-881 20090720-872

Then there is the case of Jeffrey, or Jessie, or “that cat is back again”. This orange cat has been showing up at our house every night at feeding time; he sits just below the back steps and stares at the house for hours until we feed him. He meows pathetically and our cats either flank him or hiss at him, but are definitely on edge when he’s around. We of course aren’t even sure what gender “Jessie” is, but one ears is clipped so I believe that means that there won’t be any baby-Jessies around any time soon.


The orange blob in farthest part of the yard is Jessie. He seems to be afraid of people.

But of course we don’t want to leave Penny out. I washed a new hat I had knit for myself and left it drying on a clean white towel. Since I put towels down on most of the places where the cats sleep Penny laid down right on top of the wet hat looked quite pleased with herself.


Mmmmm, sleeping on mommy's knitting.


July 20, 2009

Wardrome Remix: Black Failure

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So I tried to wear only black for a whole week but I felt really uninspired. I was surprised by my own lack of enthusiasm given that at least half of my wardrobe is black, but I guess I don’t do the all-black goth thing very much any more. I did wear 99% black all week, but didn’t take picture three of the days due to my lack of excitement.

20090716-891 Tuesday:

Black Cashmere cardigan from a boutique Palo Alto store.
White shirt on sale from Abercrombie & Fitch <shudder>
*New* black zip skirt found on sale after much searching; Prairie Underground
Old black fishnets
Black Frye Platform Mary Jane’s, bought on sale from
Silver rabbit necklace from my grandmother.
Silver hoop earrings from a yard sale.

20090716-880 Thursday:

Black t-shirt was a gift from a friend. It is some sort of advertisement for perfume but I think it’s hilarious.
Black kilt skirt from Crossroad second-hand store.
Black SmartWool tights.
Black doc martens of the exact same model from my college days, purchased off ebay.


And a funny picture of Peter who came in and did a little dance for the camera while I was setting up the tripod.

July 19, 2009

Wardrobe Remix: Color Coded

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I’ve decided to set themes for my wardrobe each week, just for fun. Last week was colors; each day I had to have a different color theme. Should be pretty easy to identify :)

20090709-893 Monday:

Orange knit dress made in Africa.
Brown tooled leather belt from Anthropologie.
Black SmartWool tights
Michael Kors Brown suede platform t-straps.

20090709-884 Tuesday:

Woo “Stassia” purple cropped jacket bought used from Closet Cupcake.
Anthropologie dress (not shown) on sale.
Black lace leggings bought in Taiwan.
Purple Frye “Liv” t-straps from ebay.

20090709-875 Wednesday:

Red necklace from market stall in New Orleans.
Hand-knit blue sweater, yarn from dad.
White shirt on sale from Urban Outfitters (yuck).
Brown leather tooled belt from RedWing.
7 ForAllMankind jeans on sale from a thrift shop.
Clarks “Annisa” black leather wedge sandals.

20090716-919 Thursday:

Green was difficult and yellow was impossible!
Scarf found in the lost-and-found bin at work.
Sweater from thrift store.
Black lace shirt from a friend.
green velvet Betsey Johnson dress from my sister’s Halloween costume about ten years ago.
Black bicycle knickers.
Black leather boots from a thrift shop in Barcelona.

20090716-898 Friday:

Man, do I look tired!
Hand-knit sweater and hand-made buttons. Sweater pattern is Forecast, with heavy modifications and yarn from my dad in Australia.
Dress is red silk on sale from Anthropologie.
Socks from
Red Fluevog patent-leather mary janes from ebay.

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