June 9, 2010

Gratuitous Cat Photos

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The cats are still alive and doing fine, though they both keep shedding their collars on a regular basis now.

They’re too big now to share a cat bed so they have to take turns in their favorite spots. Since they both *love* my office chair I made this second cat bed next to it so they would both have a place to sleep and it seems to have caught on.

We put them both in a kennel for the first time when we went to Greece for work (more on that later) and they both lost weight while they were there. They were definitely a little traumatized when we got back — they both acted very needy, like they thought we were never coming back for them. We’ve taken them to the kennel once more since then (for just two nights) but Peter isn’t so excited about taking them back again.


January 18, 2010

Portrait of Penny

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Messing around with the macro feature on our new camera…

2009-12-20-8 2009-12-20-6


December 18, 2009

Kitty Catastrophe

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Penny went missing on Sunday. We let the cats out in the morning at around 6am (well, obviously Peter is the one who usually does this) when I assume they want to go to the bathroom. They come back in around 6:30-7am and we feed them, then they usually hang out outside for the day, with occasional visits if we are working from home to bring us leaves.
On Sunday Penny went out at 6am but then never came in for breakfast. Very strange. Then all throughout the day we called her and she never came, which is also very very strange. By early afternoon I was pretty freaked so I went door to door and asked if anyone had seen her or heard meowing. No one had. One very nice neighbor even let me look around in her back yard.

Dinner time was the big test, and by 7pm Penny still wasn’t back. Hunter was completely freaking out, having not seen her sister all day. Mixing the food for two, but faced with the idea that one would never get eaten… I finally got really upset and started crying. I took the food upstairs for the cats and at that moment I heard Peter calling my name.

He had finally found Penny! Apparently she had gone in the neighbors yard before they let their dogs out for the morning. Once they let the dogs out Penny went into hiding, but couldn’t get out — these dogs are huge, one German Shepard and one Rottweiler.  When the neighbor brought their dogs in for the night she could finally come out. Peter heard her meowing in the neighbors yard and jumped a fence and pulled back another so that she could get out.

She didn’t even seem upset, so I assume she was somewhere safe and that the dogs didn’t even know she was there. I had sworn I would never let them outside again if she did come back, but Peter won’t let me keep them locked in the house. I just have to hope she learned her lesson!


September 14, 2009

Sad Cats

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We washed the cats. We didn’t want to, we tried everything else first, but in the end it was necessary. They have fleas. We tried the goo you put between their shoulder blades, flea collars (it doesn’t seem that these are sold anywhere in the city), washing all the sheets and towels, but still the cats were scratching like crazy. Peter and I seem largely unaffected, but every once in a while we’d see a *giant* flea go walking across Hunter’s face. Ewwwwww!

So here are obligatory funny wet cat photos!


Hunter before bathing; she clearly knows something bad is about to happen.

Both cats knew something was going on when we locked them both in the bathroom. They kept escaping whenever we’d open the door, and then they tried hiding under the bathtub.


Hunter after bathing; very very not happy.

We washed Hunter first, knowing she was going to give us the most trouble. Peter couldn’t even hold her so I had to be the one to hog-tie her and hold her under the tap. While we were washing her Penny kept trying to get under Peter’s arms to see what was going on and try to protect Hunter.


Penny after bathing; going the pathetic route.

Then, when it was Penny’s turn she just sort of looked resigned. She struggled much less and actually let us dry her. Hunter we only managed to get partially dry, then Penny had to do the rest.

July 21, 2009

Cats and Rodents

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Click on the image to get a better view of the thing in Hunter's mouth.

I went to Santa Cruz to visit my family this weekend and right before I left my sister’s cat caught a gopher. We were standing in front of the house and my sisters cat, Boo, who is *huge* (see below), sticks one paw into a hole in the ground and flips out this rather fat gopher. The poor little thing tried to crawl between two loose bricks, but he was too fat, and before I knew it Boo had given him a big *chomp* right in the middle. I jumped in my car and mom ran in the house…

Rachel phone 006 Rachel phone 088

Then on the way home this crazy rodent went running across the freeway right in front of my car (he made it), so I knew there was some third rodent situation coming soon.


Last week I saw this cutie under a tree along the sidewalk, rooting around in the leaves.

Soooo, today when I got home from work Peter and I heard a cat hiss outside of the office door. I looked out and there was Hunter with not a leaf, cat tail, worm, or even a butterfly in her mouth, but a mouse. She was hissing at Penny because she clearly didn’t want to share. I thought the mouse was dead so didn’t think to much of it, but when Peter followed her outside to take a picture she was letting it go then chasing and re-catching it.

20090720-884 20090720-882
20090720-881 20090720-872

Then there is the case of Jeffrey, or Jessie, or “that cat is back again”. This orange cat has been showing up at our house every night at feeding time; he sits just below the back steps and stares at the house for hours until we feed him. He meows pathetically and our cats either flank him or hiss at him, but are definitely on edge when he’s around. We of course aren’t even sure what gender “Jessie” is, but one ears is clipped so I believe that means that there won’t be any baby-Jessies around any time soon.


The orange blob in farthest part of the yard is Jessie. He seems to be afraid of people.

But of course we don’t want to leave Penny out. I washed a new hat I had knit for myself and left it drying on a clean white towel. Since I put towels down on most of the places where the cats sleep Penny laid down right on top of the wet hat looked quite pleased with herself.


Mmmmm, sleeping on mommy's knitting.

May 25, 2009

In for the Night

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At night we shut the cat door and keep the kitties inside. Mostly it makes us feel better that they won’t go wandering into the street at night, though they could pull that off during the day as well. And we like it when they sleep with us. The cats aren’t totally enthused with this arrangement though, and each night involves tricking them to come inside in some new way. Then they sit at the backdoor and stare at you hoping you will let them back out.


Let. us. outside. now.

They’re a little over a year old now so we are switching them to adult food and scaling back the wet food. This makes for less tempting offerings at night as bribery. It makes for fun in the morning though when they bop Peter in the head for breakfast.

April 9, 2009

Can’t We All Just Relax?

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20090330-866 20090330-867

March 17, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Days 13-15

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A wonderful carpenter came and helped us pick out the last bits of trim, then installed them over the next three days (he was sick part of the time).

The trim in the living room:


We got really lucky and found almost the exact same chair rail!


The carpenter took the trim all the way across the wall, so it looks seamless. The room is really starting to come together.

The trim outside the bathroom:


The trim around the door is actually two separate pieces, and came from multiple stores -- all so it would match the existing trim.


The picture rail in the hallway. This is reusing the piece that was originally in this area -- except it wasn't long enough so two 2" chunks are mismatched.

Trim inside the bathroom, so far:


The picture rail in the bathroom sits just above the step, essentially masking it and making it look intentional.

The hardwood floor replacement, including the inlay, which still needs to be sanded:


Amazing. The carpenter even matched the types of wood.


Apparently this is oak and cherry. It still needs to be sanded and sealed.

I’m currently in Lviv, Ukraine for work. It’s 3am and I totally can’t sleep even though I already took a Lunesta. <sigh>


While packing for the trip I turned around and found this.

March 11, 2009

Killer Kitties (not a posting for children)

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I mentioned a couple of months ago how a friend bought our cats some toy mice and they learned to play catch and fetch. Since then we have gone through about five or six “mice” as the cats eat then, lose them, and destroy them. They continue to be the favored toy and Peter and I now stop by and buy more whenever we are near the pet store, knowing we can never have too many in stock. Sometime they are so many in circulation (about six last time I checked) that we begin to wonder if there isn’t some secret mice burial ground that we don’t know about.


Hunter looking evil.

Well, the other day I went into the backyard and found the cats playing with something. It looked like one of the fake mice and so I thought “Ah hah! The secret to where all the fake mice go — outside!” But, upon closer inspection, I was wrong.


Upon closer inspection, not a fake mouse.

I wonder, did the cats even know that this mouse was different from the mice we play with in the house? The mouse wasn’t dead (yet) when I first came outside and I picked it up hoping to save it. I had a pet rat I was very fond of as a child and I still like rodents (just ask Peter about how I think squirrels are cute). Unfortunately I didn’t find him until too late and his injuries were to severe. While in my hands he rolled over onto his back, curled up his little legs, and bit the dust. I felt bad and there may or may not have been a tear or too. Then I have the mouse back to the cats to play with since they were having so much fun after all. All those practice sessions of catch and fetch really came in handy.

20090308-973 20090308-970

The next day Penny brought the mouse to Peter while he was working from home, but he thought it was one of the fake mice for a game of fetch. He claims he “screamed like a little girl” when he picked up the real mouse and figured out what it was.


Very dead.

March 3, 2009

Office Disaster

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Rain sucks.


"Rachel's" desk and chair. Also known as Hunter and Penny's nappy and knocking-things-off-high-places area.

20090302-875 20090302-876 20090302-879

From left to right: The Central Park Hoodie blocking on top of my art chest, the back wall where the bathroom venting came through, Peter’s book collection that we managed to get out of the garage just before it flooded, Peter’s desk, Peter.

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