April 16, 2009

Alemany Farmer’s Market

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I am a big Farmer’s Market fan and Peter and I have been alternating between the Alemany and Ferry Building markets since we moved to San Francisco. From our house in the Mission district of San Francisco we can walk over Bernal Heights to the south and get to the Alemany Farmer’s Market, or we can either ride our bikes or take the bus to get to the Ferry Building market (I’ll talk about that in another post). The Alemany market is cheaper, closer, older, and historically the place to go for live chickens and asian vegetables. It isn’t as big as the Ferry Building market though and doesn’t have as many organic foods or prepared goods.


The view when walking from my house towards Bernal Heights.


Me in my dorky "sun wear" and giant market bag.

A 360 degree view from the top of Bernal Heights:

20090330-896 20090330-897 20090330-898
20090330-899 20090330-900 20090330-901
20090330-902 20090330-903 20090330-904
20090330-905 20090330-906 20090330-907

The street you can see in the top row that has all of the trees is my street! I love that it is so leafy and beautiful.

20090330-910 20090330-912

I really like the plant on the left — I’ve seen these all over the place in the last couple of weeks. I would like to plant some in the back yard (I’ve seen them thriving places with very little sun) but I don’t know what they are called. If you know please leave a comment! The girl on the right was really darling, and her cardigan was so cute! When she turned around I realized she had just sewed the back darts in a very simple way, but it worked really well.

20090330-915 20090330-913

Some of the produce offered (I love the grapefruit on a stick, it looks like a rainbow that has been beheaded). There are of course other stalls that sell vegetables, baked goods, flowers, etc. I went to buy plants and came away with grasses, lavender, and a pomegranate bush!


The resident Alemany Farmer's market musician who plays banjo and has a dancing "cat".


April 2, 2009

Family Outing to Alcatraz!

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For some crazy reason (almost) my entire family decided to go to Alcatraz last weekend. It was actually fun, since I so rarely get to see everyone together. We were completely dorky and touristy, even though I live in San Francisco and was born here.

Once you arrive by ferry you are funneled up to the main cell block where you are given headphone and a recording of an audio tour. It was pretty interesting, but a little strange; it had you going in figure eights all around the prison. I’m not sure if this was to make it feel bigger or to avoid backups.

20090330-900 20090330-903

The prison cells were tiny, but you could listen to music piped into jacks in each room. The cell on the left shows an example of how a few prisoners escaped (well, no one is sure if they made it to the shore of the mainland, they were never seen again). They dug out the air vents with spoon handles, climbed up the plumbing, out the roof, and down drain pipes.

20090330-966 20090330-915

I really liked the kitchen, which was a little intimidating with its industrialized soup pot (apparently Alcatraz had the best food of any prison and the guards ate the same food as the prisoners) and knife imprints on the wall.

20090330-977 20090330-972

The most amazing thing was the view from Alcatraz, you could see all the way from the bay bridge to the golden gate.

20090330-954 20090330-953 20090330-952 20090330-955
20090330-956 20090330-957 20090330-959 20090330-961

The most hilarious thing was that before you even get on the boat to go to Alcatraz they put your whole group in front of this backdrop painted like the view of Alcatraz and take your picture. Then when you get off the boat on your way back they offer to sell you two copies of the picture for some exorbitant rate (which we of course paid, because if you’ve already gone you might as well remember it).


Back row: Rachel, Bob, Grandpa, Dan, Trecia; front row: Mom, Jackie.

November 14, 2008

Day of the Dead Parade 2008

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Holly and I went to the Day of the Dead parade in the Mission district of San Francisco — just a couple blocks from where we live. I’d never even heard of this event before, but was really excited to get dressed up as a dead person, ever since seeing this painting by Sylvia Ji in a magazine.


If I had been better prepared I would have bought some black eye shadow and liner pencils, as it was I only had brown, which didn't quite make me look dead enough. I think I need to work on the whole mouth-part too.

Picture 044

Holly was much more prepared for the parade, having made this shirt with a rib-cage painted on it. Also check out her amazing white leather gloves!

One of the best parts of this event is that you get to dress up super cool, but also be completely warm. I wore wool tights and arm warmers under my dress and with the shawl, scarf, and hat I was pretty comfortable even though the night got chilly.

Picture 105

Holly and me in full regalia. I got this beautiful mexican wedding dress from my grandmother, and neatly hid my sling with the shawl and scarf. Holly made her own dress and it has black and white flowers and skulls.

The parade ended at Garfield Park at the Festival of Altars, which was as it sounds — people had set up altars to the dead all throughout the park. They were very beautiful, and at first I thought that they were general displays, but then I realized that they were created for specific dead people, which made them quite sad, especially one decorated with baby clothes.

Picture 076

I couldn't quite figure out what kind of animal these skeletons were for... but they are cool nonetheless.

Picture 073

This was one of the only men I saw dressed up, and I thought he did it quite well.

The most amazing display was of this deceased married couple on a tandem bicycle with wings. The wings were made up of individual metal feathers with names of the dead engraved on them, and the wings were attached to a battery which caused them to beat up and down — while also engaging the pedals so that it appeared as though the couple was pedaling the bicycle.

Picture 086

With the wings beating.

Picture 090

Detail shot of the feathers, and you can see the artist connecting the battery in the lower left.

Picture 093 Picture 074

The creator of the flying bride and groom, left, and another sightseer with great face makeup. I kept trying to get a good shot of this girl on the right because her makeup was so fantastic, and the contrast between her hair and flower was intense. I felt a bit like a voyeur, except I kept catching people taking my photograph as well, at which point I had to remind myself that I was looking pretty and fantastically dead myself.

Picture 099 Picture 101 Picture 100

Hard to see, but the item on the left is a dead mermaid, and on the right a dead fairy, both made out of tinfoil. The item in the middle was just a paper bag with a candle in it (fire hazard!?) but it was beautiful and I couldn’t tell if someone made it by hand or bought it at a shop.

November 6, 2008

Election Successes and Losses

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Picture 106

Me with my "I Voted!" and "Vote NO on PROP 8, UNFAIR & WRONG" stickers.

Just a quick note about the US and California elections. First of, woohoo OBAMA!!! His speech was amazing, and even McCain had a really nice concession speech.

But, in California, we had a huge disappointment. A constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage passed, and this makes me profoundly depressed and angry. California also passed a ballot measure requiring girls to notify their parents before having an abortion :(

Here is an inflammatory article about Prop 8 (Vote no on 8, no to hate!) the ‘California Marriage Protection Act’ that pretty much sums up how I feel:

“Here’s a good diagnostic test for whether a proposed law is bigoted: if it applies to a group of people, replace the subject group in question with “Jews” or “Blacks”, and see how it reads. . . In the case of Proposition 8, how would you vote if it read, “Only marriage between Christians is recognized in California”? Or “Only marriage between white-skinned people is recognized in California”?”

August 20, 2008

iPhone Huzzah!

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Get this, Apple GAVE ME a new iPhone!!! Just like that! I handed it to the “genius”, he tried to turn in on, failed, deemed it broken, and gave me another one. I may have failed to mention I dropped it into the toilet. Whatever, new new NEW I tell you!! Huzzah!

August 14, 2008

Iphone->Toilet. Head->Desk

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So I was planning a nice post about the new sweater I’m trying to design, and I had even taken pictures already… when I dropped my iphone in the toilet. <groan> No need to go into details, but I will say I blame women’s fashion and it’s small or lacking pockets.

I tried turning the phone off but it just kept rebooting, with the screen looking add and dim. I wanted to open it up to dry out the inside so I looked on the internet for someone who could show me how, and found these step by step instructions. I managed to get the case open with a minimum of damage and have left it at home to air dry. I’m hoping it will work again once there isn’t water shorting any circuits, but I probably won’t be that lucky. I know they give you some sort of discount an a replacement iphone if you damaged yours, but I also wonder if I can get it covered under warrantee (possibly neglecting to mention the whole toilet part).

I guess this was inevitable considering that I managed to get my phone stolen twice before I got this one. *Something* bad had to happen.

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