May 25, 2009

In for the Night

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At night we shut the cat door and keep the kitties inside. Mostly it makes us feel better that they won’t go wandering into the street at night, though they could pull that off during the day as well. And we like it when they sleep with us. The cats aren’t totally enthused with this arrangement though, and each night involves tricking them to come inside in some new way. Then they sit at the backdoor and stare at you hoping you will let them back out.


Let. us. outside. now.

They’re a little over a year old now so we are switching them to adult food and scaling back the wet food. This makes for less tempting offerings at night as bribery. It makes for fun in the morning though when they bop Peter in the head for breakfast.


Head Doily

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A friend had this cute headband which she wanted to reproduce. I spent some time fiddling around and made a version with a herringbone pattern.


The cast off row creates a little ruffle that sticks up in the back, which makes me feel like I'm wearing some sort of midieval headwear.

I like the way it looks with the tie going underneath my hair and tied in a bow on the side.

I made a second version which is wider and has a ribbed ruffle around the top. It is too ridiculous to wear, since it won’t stay in place unless it is tied underneath the chin, but it is pretty cute other than that. Maybe I can give it to my friend.

May 11, 2009

Mini Bath Chandelier Options

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I’m trying to find a chandelier for our minibath. I don’t have the dimensions in front of me, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing the internet for hours when I’m supposed to be working. Here are a couple of options I found on ebay and etsy:


Probably too large.


Brass while the bathroom fixtures are chrome.


Ridiculously girly (but I kind of like it).

May 6, 2009

Slow Growing

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The yard is coming along slowly. I go out almost every day and obsessively look to see if more seeds have come up. What I usually find is that a seed that had sprouted have subsequently been dug up by the cats.


I love how the seeds are still attached to the leaves.


Penny eating everything *but* the "cat grass" that I planted.


The patio stones are now embedded and ground cover has been planted.


Me doing a dorky dance in the yard for Peter's benefit.

May 5, 2009

Hsinchu, Taiwan

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My first time in Asia! Hsinchu is large in a sprawling sort of way, and authentic in the sense that no one speaks english. The people I worked with there were incredibly bright though, and very very nice. It rained the whole time we were there, with thunder and lightning. The weather was warm and steamy, which would have been nice if we hadn’t missed a weekend of 80 degree weather back home.


A sign in the elevator in the Hsinchu office. Hilarious. The next image is the potsticker box our lunch came in.

The strange porn menu in the hotel room; I hadn't thought of the fact that people might care if the woman in the porn video was white or Asian.

A display of cigars for sale; each with an image of a pregnant belly on the front, I assume to discourage pregnant women from smoking.

I flew through Toyko, Japan on my way to and from Hsinchu. On the way back my boss recommended a sushi restaurant in the terminal, outside of my gate. Airport sushi?? It sounded terrifying, but I went anyway. It was amazing. Probably the best sushi I’ve ever had, and it makes me really want to go back to Japan.

This was alive in the sushi case. No I did no eat it.

Oddly, as in California, all of the guys working in the sushi restaurant were Korean. There was a hilarious drunk guy that sat next to me at the bar and he kept saying the only English words he knew; these consisted of “hamburger” which was accompanied by the motion of biting into a hamburger, “roast beef”, “Hollywood”, and “San Francisco”. At least he got one of them right!

Shwag for my sister from Hsinchu.

I managed to take only a small gym bag and my backpack with my this trip, which meant only carry on, and no waiting at the carousel!

May 4, 2009

Living Room Make Over

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We’ve started painting the living room… very slowly. At the current rate we are finishing about one wall per weekend. Last weekend we painted the south wall:
And now we are on to the north wall:

20090503-955The east and west walls are going to be a slightly different color (many rooms in our house are already two colors, so we are keeping with the trend). It is slow going because the living room is all lathe and plaster and has about 10-20 coats of paint on it. We’re sanding it down and patching holes, but in places the plaster is separating from the lathe and being held on by old wall paper and paint. We’d love to redo it all, but you have to keep things in perspective; for us that means saving our energy for the kitchen remodel.

20090503-938 20090503-937

Peter was a little annoyed that I decided his old Stanford sweaters were going to be painting clothes, even though they have more holes than sweater.

Bathroom Remodel: Day Still Not Finished

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Things have slowed down dramatically. We have a finish list for the contractor but he doesn’t seem to be working on it very quickly, only about one day per week. But the bathroom is functional, even though the hardwood floor right outside of it is still being refinished.

The list of things to be done by Ed include:

  1. The fan was supposed to be on a timer.
  2. The light for over the mirror came in, so it needs to be installed.
  3. The cornice for the center of the ceiling wasn’t installed.
  4. The wood trim, drywall, paint above sink is messed up and needs to be sanded, filled, painted.
  5. Supplies and trash removed from backyard and garage.
  6. The red chandelier in the living room was broken during construction.
  7. The wood floor, where it was refinished, is matte rather than glossy like the rest of the floor. It seems like maybe another coat or two of finish is required.

The list of things we need to do:

  1. Install toilet paper holder and towel rack.
  2. Put in a shelf to hold spare toilet paper.
  3. Hang a picture.
  4. Pee!

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