August 6, 2010

Sierra Buttes Spring Epic Biking, May 15th

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On the second day in Downieville we got to ride another new trail called the North Yuba Trail, which goes between Downieville and the Indian Valley Campground where we were staying.  Peter rode from the campground into Downieville and I took a shuttle into Downieville and started from there. The trail stewardship picked us all up as a group, drove us into town, and dropped us off at the Yuba Expeditions bike shop.

Sierra Buttes Bike Shop, Downieville, CA

I rode with our new friends up First Divide and then we turned around to meet Peter back at Yuba Expeditions for lunch. You can see Peter and I right in the middle of the photo above with our helmets on, recovering from our lunch. Photo source. After lunch the whole group of us went back down the North Yuba Trail back to our campsite. It was pretty far so I’m glad I didn’t ride up with Peter, though I can imagine it is fun both directions as it was a very rolly trail.

The trail was beautiful and really fun to ride. I’m looking forward to riding it again. I was tired by the end and ended up getting my front wheel jammed in between two rocks and then flipped over the handlebars. Luckily there was only a three foot drop at that point of the trail so I didn’t fall very far, but I didn’t almost knock out my front teeth (but managed to put my hands in front of my face). I broke my rear break handle out of the socket as well as bending by whole chain ring.

Sierra Buttes Spring Epic BBQ

In the evening back at the campsite there was a BBQ, fund raising raffle, and much drinking and mayhem. Peter and I are to the right of the giant stove talking with our new friend Heather and the coordinator for the Sierra Buttes trail stewardship. Photo source.

The Sierra Buttes team cooking up dinner.


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