June 4, 2010

The Sink Room Reconstructed Part 4

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You now walk into our house and think “what is that crazy yellow thing down there?”

It’s the lemon room!

We have a ceiling!

We have a floor!
We have a pipe of doom!


The Sink Room Reconstructed Part 3

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Steps version 1:

Steps version 2, after the building inspector said that rebuilding them required that we bring them up to code. <sigh>. The only difference is that the new ones don’t have a step down outside of the door:

The other big step forward, besides paint,  is the corrugated iron awning that is now over the entire back stairs:

Not only is it totally effective bug it is also cool looking, and doesn’t require a post to hold it up since it’s attached to the under-side of the deck!

On the inside progress is being made as well — we’ve got windows and drywall!

And though we still have the pipe of doom we now have a back door!

The Sink Room Reconstructed Part 2

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Since the doorway to the back room was boarded over, and we were too lazy to go out the front door and through the garage to get to the back yard, the following photos were taken either through the kitchen window or through the cat door. I’m sure you can figure out which are which.

The first pass of electrical, almost all of which was changed later:

We put chairs in the new room to check out the window height but the cats got more use out of them than we did:

May 29, 2010

The Sink Room Reconstructed

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The new view of our upper deck and back yard, the latter of which beautifully frames our lemon tree (though, yes, there is still a post in the way):

The new view of our neighbors deck. We’ll have to get a curtain or something in case he wants some privacy:

The pipe of doom. This one item has caused more remodel woes than any other:

May 28, 2010

The Sink Room Gone

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After we gutted the sink room I meant to take pictures of the back of the house before it was rebuilt. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to it and one day I came home to find the whole thing gone:

It was kind of nice and almost made me want to just put a deck on instead, but then the cold San Francisco wind hit me and I came to my senses!

We put the cat door into the fake wall so that cats could still go in and out, even though we couldn’t:

May 27, 2010

The Sink Room Gutted

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First you have to get rid of the kitchen sink:

Then the kitchen cabinets:

Then the layers and layers of linoleum, which unfortunately leaves very little wall left:

And of course the snail graveyard:

And finally the ceiling:

Ta da:

The Sink Room Emptied

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Then we took everything out of the room when the kitchen we done and started playing with paint swatches:

Be sure to note the sagging ceiling and the door that swings into the middle of the room.

And of the course the view of the backyard which is tiny and has a post in the way:

The Sink Room

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Our house, prior to remodeling the kitchen, had the kitchen sink in a separate room tacked on to the back of the house. Now that the kitchen is done (which I now realize I never posted pictures of) we are working on turning that back room from the “sink room” into a breakfast nook/mud room.
Here’s how the room looked when it was in use:

2009-10-07-91 2009-10-07-86
2009-10-07-99 2009-10-07-98
2009-10-07-82 2009-10-07-92

April 16, 2010

Bedroom Remodel: Bits

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The two last bits of the bedroom remodel were to put up a shelf with hooks, and add shelves to my clothes cabinet.

I like hanging up the clothes which aren’t dirty and aren’t clean. I don’t like to wash clothes too often; it seems excessive to me to wash a pair a pants just because I wore them for one day. I’ll even spot clean my clothes if they just have a little bit of dirt on them. The washing machine and dryer take a lot of water and power and they also wear out your clothes faster. On the other hand, I don’t want to put clothes I’ve already worn back into my chest of drawers, just in case.

The desk doesn’t really fit under here but it’s a temporary solution. A chest or padded bench might be nice.

I found my chest of drawers outside of a studio I used to live at. It was being used as a tool chest and had been left sitting outside for a while. I convinced the other to give it to me and spent a summer sanding it down by hand and refinishing it with a clear finish. It isn’t perfect but I like it. The only problem is that it has one large cavity on the side which is hard to use, because everything gets jumbled up together. I’ve had the plan of putting shelves in there for a couple of years, but with help from my friend Kevin (cutting) and Peter (installation) it finally happened! So far the shelves are great and make the space way more useful. It was a lot of effort, but now I can keep using something I already have instead of buy a new chest of drawers.

There are still a few things I would like to do in the bedroom, but I don’t think they will happen for a while — put in double paned windows and curtains (instead of blinds) and get a headboard for the bed. I’m thinking the latter we could do ourselves, with a little practice (and a lot of time).

April 1, 2010

Bedroom Remodel: The Closet After

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I’ve heard people talk about “walk in closets” before, but I always figured they just meant closets which were really large. Now I understand that there is a different. Since I can now actually get inside my closet I actually find myself getting undressed in there at the end of the day — and hanging things up as I take them off! Being able to get in the closet doesn’t just make things easier to find — it makes them easier to put away.

Granted, the shelves and upper hooks aren’t that easy to get to, but I don’t use that stuff as often. I hope to get a little white foot stool eventually to make it easier to get things down. Having things off the floor in the closet is actually something I enjoy more than I expected. It makes the closet feel bigger and I don’t have to worry about tripping on any thing. The light is also a huge deal — I never realized how difficult it was to see anything before. The light was problematic to install but I’m really happy we (i.e. Peter) did it.

Over all I would say this remodel has been a success!

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