November 22, 2009

Kitchen Remodel: Week 3

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While the plumbing was being done our contractor offered to start on our next project — the “sink” room. After the kitchen is complete we want to turn this room into a breakfast nook/mud room. Unfortunately the room is little more than a shack tacked onto the back of the house with hardly any foundation and lots of rot.

Jim managed to sweet talk the building inspector into calling it legal and giving us a permit, then started on rebuilding the foundation and cleaning out the rot. We were still able to use the room as our kitchen in the meantime, and it gives us a leg up in the construction when the real kitchen is done.

Jim ended up hiring out the foundation work to another contractor who brought in these guys:


Who built this:


And poured this:


All in one day!


Kitchen Remodel: Week 3

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2009-10-29-48 2009-10-29-37
2009-10-29-33 2009-10-29-49

We have plumbing!

Also, it rained in our house. There was a big storm with “wind-driven rain” — i.e. the rain was coming in sideways. The inside of the kitchen got pretty wet with a puddle on the floor and water dripping down the boards (bottom left photo). It looks like some cracks on the back side of the house on the second floor we will need to get sealed up before the drywall is installed.

November 20, 2009

Kitchen Remodel: Week 2

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2009-10-07-43 2009-10-11-40

The kitchen window before (left) and after (right). The new one had to start higher off the floor to sit above the counters so we made it wider to compensate. Unfortunately this is the only window allowed by the SF building code — otherwise we would have put a couple on the wall to the left.


We finally patched the holes where the brick pillar used to be. This required three patches; on in the ceiling of the laundry room, one in the ceiling of the kitchen, and one in the ceiling of the office.


And we had to rip out the ceiling in the laundry room to do all of the electrical and plumbing for the kitchen.

November 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodel: Week 2

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This remodel is going too fast for me to keep up with blogging about it, so I’m going to go to a weekly summary and see if I can catch up with the present.


First we had a wall between our dining room and kitchen. A wall with a very inconvenient doorway.

2009-10-07-37 2009-10-07-27
2009-10-07-229 2009-10-07-22

And then we had none.

November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

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2009-10-29-98 2009-10-29-72
2009-10-29-193 2009-10-29-192

I dressed up twice for Halloween — once for work and once on the actual night. Peter dressed up with me for work — not necessarily as anything (I wasn’t really anything) but he was dressed up, which is always great.

2009-11-05-44Me with my coworker Anna on Halloween night. I tried making the makeup more dramatic but I’m not sure I liked it more. I think I need a little more practice, which will be slow going because you only really get to dress up dead about once or twice a year!

2009-10-29-202 2009-11-05-65

My coworker Gina and housemate Holly. Gina was dressed super inappropriate for work but got away with it because her costume was so creepy.

2009-11-05-66This was my favorite costume of the night. I don’t actually know these people but they were really adorable in matching costumes. Luckily it wasn’t too cold this year.
Dia De Los MuertosUnfortunately I was so sick of putting on makeup by Monday night that I didn’t go to the Dia De Los Muertos parade where my costume would have been really fun.

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