October 9, 2008


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We have a new housemate! Her name is Holly and she moved into the rarely used living room just off the front hallway. We were really unprepared for her to move in and had to rush around the day after we came back from Paris moving furniture and cleaning floors. The rarely used dining room is now the new living room, and I’m thinking it’s going to get more use now, since it’s right off the kitchen, and that really is the hub of the house.

Door Before.

The main thing we still need to do for Holly’s room is get a door installed. We have an old Victorian so the doors are strange sizes, so you can’t go down to Home Despot and buy one (I hate that place anyway). A door purchased there wouldn’t match anyway — it wouldn’t be bevelled like the rest of the doors in the house and it would be expensive to get a nice solid one. We were able to find one close to what we needed at the salvage yard in Hunters Point; Building Resource. The door was too tall so a nice gentleman who worked at Builders Resource cut four inches off the bottom and two inches off the top. This was the best way to keep the panels centered, but it also humorously makes the doorknob a little low.

Door Detail -- pita to get the paint out of the bevels.

All we had to do then was strip the door, sand it, prime it, paint it, buy hinges and knobs, and install it!

Door After.

I managed to strip the door over a couple of weekends — my impending shoulder surgery helped me to stay focused — and Peter sanded it down with his new belt sander.

Mostly Stripped.

One of the weekends, when I was supposed to be at ceramics class, I played hooky and went to Whole House Building Supply, the salvage yard in Palo Alto. I love salvage yards! I found the most beautiful glass doorknob, locking mechanism, and brass keyhole cover — all for $45!!

Beautiful Glass Knob and Mechanism.

Unfortunately that is as far as we’ve gotten, and now my arm is in a sling and it has started raining. I keep getting hung up on painting projects because there isn’t any good place to do so — the back yard rains redwood bits, the laundry room has been raining black soot, the house has cats, and the garage is dark, full, and the floor is sloped. Suggestions?


October 2, 2008

Surgery or Fashion?

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So, I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow morning on my shoulder, but the doctor just canceled. Apparently he has “jury duty”. Doesn’t that sound like an excuse?

I had this weird premonition it was going to be canceled. They rescheduled the pre and post operative appointments several times and ended up having to double-book me for the pre-op. It made me wonder how they were going to find time to do the surgery.

Mostly I was just really hoping it would be canceled because my friend Annie is a designer in a fashion show in Austin next weekend and my new house-mate Holly is going to go to see it. I really wanted to go but it was going to be only a week after my surgery and I wouldn’t be able to get around or sleep comfortably. Now I can go! Suh-weeet!

It is also really good for work. WIth the new job I have a lot more work to do, most of which is front-loaded while the project is getting up and running. With two extra weeks I can hopefully get the whole project safely into the next phase (which is more the responsibility of the engineering manager), at which point it will be a better time to take off for a week.

As for the surgery — I was a bit scared, to be honest. In dumbed-down speak they are going to see if my arm is still attached to the socket/shoulder blade, and if not, repair it; then they are going to reattach my arm/shoulder blade to my collar bone (and therefore the rest of my body). I’ve had surgery on the shoulder twice already, both times arthroscopic , but this time they are going to be making the three arthroscopic holes (for the arm-attachment) then a nice big two inch cut for the collar bone attachment. Not so into the big-scar-on-my-shoulder thing. Imagine what this could do to my halter-top days?

But I scar well, and with some careful stitching I think it won’t be too bad — my bra strap might even cover it some of the time :)

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