January 18, 2010

Portrait of Penny

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Messing around with the macro feature on our new camera…

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First Hat Pattern

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My friend Annie had a great hat the last time I saw her and I set out to recreate it, with a few small modifications. The main difference is that Annie has a lot of hair and I do not, so my hat isn’t quite as big in the back. I named it “Annie’s Prairie Hat” because I’m not very creative.

It came out great though, and I’m so happy I’ve already made a second one in purple. I think this is the first hat that I’ve every really liked to wear. I know it’s a little silly, but it’s really warm and comfortable, and I think it’s flattering on me.

I’ve posted the pattern on ravelry if anyone is interested.

January 17, 2010

CES 2010

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My company goes to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas every year. This is the place where companies show off their newest technology and other companies come to buy and make deals. You see all of the cutting edge stuff along with a lot of ridiculously dressed “booth babes” and TVs as far as the eye can see (including the paper thin one in the upper right photograph). I’ve always wanted to go but this is the first year that work was willing to send me. I was able to go for one day (and two nights) at the end of my week vacation.

I went to go see how the product I’ve been working on was being sold, to see if it was working as expected, and to see if it was popular and we were actually making sales. On all fronts we seemed to be doing really well!

I also went to get to know the rest of the people in the company that I don’t see very often — upper management (including mine), sales, and marketing. What better way to get to know people then at a company sponsored party with an open bar?!
After the party we tried our hand at gamboling (I lost the entire $100 my boss foisted to me) and had some drinks.

Then we had some sushi, and some drinks.

Then we went dancing (and had some drinks) until 4am when I stumbled to the airport and caught a flight back to normality. Overall it was fun and educational and I’m really happy that I got to go.

Puppet Party

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Devin’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he decided to have a puppet party to celebrate. Everyone came over to our house (Devin’s place is small) and made puppets. Devin brought all the materials — socks, yarn, googly eyes, hot glue guns, felt, etc, etc. People got really creative and I was impressed how different all of the puppets were.

After the puppets were done we made puppet videos to an assortment of songs on Devin’s iPod! Everyone hid behind the couch and stuck their hands up in the air (Jim was too tall so we stuck a pillow on his head) and did improve dance moves with their hands.

I think the party went well and Devin looked like he had a good time.

The kitchen was mostly done and seemed to work pretty well. The bar worked great as a place to put food, and oddly this is the first party we’ve had where everyone wanted to hang out in the living room instead. Maybe it was just the type of party, or maybe it just felt like one big room.

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