May 11, 2009

Mini Bath Chandelier Options

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I’m trying to find a chandelier for our minibath. I don’t have the dimensions in front of me, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing the internet for hours when I’m supposed to be working. Here are a couple of options I found on ebay and etsy:


Probably too large.


Brass while the bathroom fixtures are chrome.


Ridiculously girly (but I kind of like it).


May 4, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day Still Not Finished

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Things have slowed down dramatically. We have a finish list for the contractor but he doesn’t seem to be working on it very quickly, only about one day per week. But the bathroom is functional, even though the hardwood floor right outside of it is still being refinished.

The list of things to be done by Ed include:

  1. The fan was supposed to be on a timer.
  2. The light for over the mirror came in, so it needs to be installed.
  3. The cornice for the center of the ceiling wasn’t installed.
  4. The wood trim, drywall, paint above sink is messed up and needs to be sanded, filled, painted.
  5. Supplies and trash removed from backyard and garage.
  6. The red chandelier in the living room was broken during construction.
  7. The wood floor, where it was refinished, is matte rather than glossy like the rest of the floor. It seems like maybe another coat or two of finish is required.

The list of things we need to do:

  1. Install toilet paper holder and towel rack.
  2. Put in a shelf to hold spare toilet paper.
  3. Hang a picture.
  4. Pee!

April 10, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 23-24

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On Wednesday the contractor came by and installed the grate over the central-heating air-intake. They reused the grate from the floor but turned it sideways. Not sure if it is the best looking, but it amuses me.

The plumber also came by and installed the toilet! Unfortunately I didn’t realize that you have to buy a toilet seat separately, so it still isn’t super useful. It made me remember that I had ordered a toilet paper holder and a towel rack a couple of months ago but had never received a call saying the shipment had come in. I called the plumbing supply store and they claimed they would have them in by Monday.

20090409-919 20090409-900

On Thursday they came by and installed the backsplash. It looks dark now because the grout is still drying. They are coming back tomorrow to touch up the trim some because they had to mess with it a little to get the marble in. Hopefully they will be installing the mirror too.


April 7, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 22

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The electrician came and install the switches and lights. Since we hadn’t picked out any light fixtures yet they just installed cheap basic sockets and we’ll have to install the lights later (the punishment for slacking).


Such a complicated panel!

Apparently code now dictates that you have a motion sensor on your bathroom light that will automatically turn it off after a motionless 5-15 minutes (it’s configurable). So the bottom right thingy is the light sensor and the on off switch. The two top switches dictate what will go on when you hit the sensor (this way you can have a sort of pre-set program to dictate what goes on). There is a switch for the light over the mirror, which will have make-up globes, and one for the chandelier. To complicate things further they each have dimmers. The last switch on the bottom left is for the fan. It was supposed to be on a timer so you could leave it running and walk away, but they forgot.


I don't know why, but I really like this sideways.

20090406-946 20090406-945

Bathroom Remodel: Day 21

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More paint! Now with two colors of pink!!

20090406-879 20090406-889

A picture without flash; the real color is somewhere in between this and the other photos.

April 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 20

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Paint! We got to see the bathroom with the pink paint for the first time yesterday. The pink looks great, unfortunately the white looked like a sickly graying green. This is the same color used in the upstairs bathroom, but a new can, so either they mixed it wrong or it is just the way it looks next to pink. We decided to rectify by painting the lower panel pink as well (but a different shade), so the white will only be on the trim. Peter went and bought the new pink for the bottom panel today, so I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

20090403-889 20090403-874

They still need to install the marble backsplash, and Ed says he will pick up the mirror from the shop today. The picture on the right shows that they painted the inside of the door cream (like the hallway trim) instead of white (like the bathroom trim). I’m not sure I really care, since I don’t love the white paint we chose for the bathroom anyway.


The back wall, where the toilet will be.

As you can see from the photo (or perhaps you can’t, if you’re like Peter and everything looks white), the lower portion of the wall looks slightly greenish-gray. Hopefully the all-pink bathroom will be better.


The ceiling.

We had some small confusion about how to paint above the picture rail. I had planned on the bit of wall above the picture rail being white, like the ceiling, but Peter thought it should be pink, since it was wall. Well, he was the one there to talk to the contractor, so pink it is. I figure I can live with it for a while and see if I learn to like it. Part of me wants to paint the rest of the ceiling pink, except for the cornice.


The dining/living room.

We told Ed not to paint the dining room because we were going to paint the whole room ourselves, but then they went and did it anyway. It looks pretty nice. Now we just need to remove all that bloody wallpaper and paint the rest of the room.

April 2, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 18-19

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They began painting and made a couple of other small improvements:

  • Moved the fan down.
  • Cut a hole for the heater air-intake.
  • Fixed the corner outside the bathroom so that it is curved instead of straight.


Fan height before.


Fan height after.

My uncle saw this and offered to pee into the fan for me. So sophisticated.


The rounded edge and hole for the air-intake.

When I was taking picture for this blog post I noticed something upsetting — our chandelier was broken! Before construction started we told Ed that is there was a chance the chandelier would get broken we would pay him to take it down and rehang it after the work was completed. He said it wasn’t necessary. But today I looked up and saw this:


The stub in the middle of the photograph should be a sweeping curlicue.

The fact that the broken piece is missing is pretty upseting, since to me it implies that whoever broke it tried to cover it up. I’m not quite sure how to deal with this yet, but I should bring it up with Ed soon. Luckily I took a picture of the chandelier before they started so I could go back and see that it wasn’t always that way.

Bathroom Remodel: Day 17

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The sink with the holes on the sides patched.

The contractor had someone come and patch the holes around the sink, so it looks better now. It is embedded in the wall about 1/8″ on either side. I’m still a little bunged thoguh that the room is 1/2″ smaller than he said it would be.

20090327-891 20090327-890

March 24, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 16

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I went to Lviv last week for work, and while I was gone the contractor was planning on finishing the bathroom. Instead I came home to this:

20090318-867 20090318-866

Apparently the bathroom became narrower than 30″ at some point, so the bathroom sink no longer fit in. Woohoo the sink is installed, booo for the hoopy installation :(


Running water.

The sink is also a little tall. This is entirely my fault, since I asked them to install it at a taller than normal height. I can live with that, since everyone in our house is tall and we rarely have young guests.


The pipes are much more visible than I expected.

We talked to Ed this morning about the installation. There was a bunch of hand waiving and he claimed he had told us that the sink wasn’t going to fit. Peter and I both thought he hadn’t. Ed says they are going to center the sink better today then close up the hole so that we won’t be able to tell… we’ll see.

March 17, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Days 13-15

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A wonderful carpenter came and helped us pick out the last bits of trim, then installed them over the next three days (he was sick part of the time).

The trim in the living room:


We got really lucky and found almost the exact same chair rail!


The carpenter took the trim all the way across the wall, so it looks seamless. The room is really starting to come together.

The trim outside the bathroom:


The trim around the door is actually two separate pieces, and came from multiple stores -- all so it would match the existing trim.


The picture rail in the hallway. This is reusing the piece that was originally in this area -- except it wasn't long enough so two 2" chunks are mismatched.

Trim inside the bathroom, so far:


The picture rail in the bathroom sits just above the step, essentially masking it and making it look intentional.

The hardwood floor replacement, including the inlay, which still needs to be sanded:


Amazing. The carpenter even matched the types of wood.


Apparently this is oak and cherry. It still needs to be sanded and sealed.

I’m currently in Lviv, Ukraine for work. It’s 3am and I totally can’t sleep even though I already took a Lunesta. <sigh>


While packing for the trip I turned around and found this.

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