Blog take 1

I’ve wanted to start a blog since forever. What stopped me? Well, laziness for the most part. But also because I’ve had bad experiences with online mental brain-dumps. In a fit of pique you write something about someone and then weeks later it gets back to them, except you totally forgot you wrote it… So in order to avoid that problem my goal is to only ever say nice things about people. EVER. We’ll see how that goes.

What is good about a blog? I’m hoping that it will help me to become motivated to do more thing; i.e. knit, cook, garden, read, etc. See, it has already motivated me — I’m writing! I’m hoping it make me realize that I actually already do lots of things — I just don’t realize it.

Where did this new-found motivation come from? My iphone. Seriously. I’ve never had a “fancy” phone before, instead opting for the freeby that comes with the plan. But, I recently had my purse stolen, twice, and felt the need to give myself a present. Not that I deserved it, both times it was indirectly my fault — first I accidentally left the garage door and someone broke in and stole my purse; the second time I left my purse at a restaurant and it was gone by the time I came back for it fifteen minutes later. I think the iphone was more of a consolation prize since I felt like I was cracking up. Anyway. How did the iphone motivate me? The phone has application you can download, and one is for blogging via your phone. I haven’t even installed it yet, but the idea that I can take pictures with my phone and immediately upload them to the blog sounds pretty cool. The whole pictures-upload process has always held me back I think, since I’m not fast at resizing images and have gripes about all of the image-serving web sites.

So lets see how long I can keep this up! My goal is to post every day (or at least ever week day).

Some pictures to end with:

San Francisco House

San Francisco home needs a name

New Kittens

Kitties fresh from the San Francisco SPCA


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