June 9, 2010

Japan April 11th-14th

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I was working for the last three days we were in Japan — we had a team “offsite” where all of the program managers got out of the office and spent several days talking about overall organization changes that would improve our jobs and productivity. It was pretty fun and we work covered some pretty nice lunches as well as dinners. My mom and I split the dinners so she got to come out with us, which was really great.

A.G. (middle above) lives in Tokyo so could order for us and also knew good restaurants to take us to. This night was a little fancy and had some drinks as well as sushi and assorted meats.

The next night we went out for street food which was dish after dish of “mystery meat”. I tried raw cow heart but I don’t think I would eat it again.  Afterward we went to this really cute bar and had drinks and dessert.

Below left is me and my coworker Anna, who I bonded with during the trip. Below right is my coworker Thomas, from Hong Kong. This guys is totally tough but below he is demonstrating how he is a “puppy” for his wife.

Back at our hotel a company selling razors (I think) had set up this huge TV which had a digital camera set up in front of it. It recorded you standing in front of the TV, then displayed you on the TV with the addition of a beard or mustache. It then put shaving cream on your face and then shaved it off. It didn’t make me buy a razor but it was totally awesome!


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