April 17, 2010

Wardrobe Remix: First Week in March 2010

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Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

You can tell I have more energy at the beginning of the week for getting dressed up.

Wool dress from the Goodwill, recently hemmed about a foot.

Black slip from a yard sale.

Broach from a vintage shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Frye Liv Platform boots from eBay.

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010

Scarf from the lost and found at work.

Dress from Etsy.

Black wool coat from high school.

White ghost pin from Corky Saint Clair.

Black wool tights from

Harley Davidson boots from high school.

Black leather bag from eBay.

Thursday March 4th, 2010

Not a flattering camera angle; I look like I’m four feet tall.

Scarf from the lost and found.

Free shirt (perfume advertisement).

Hoody from O’neill surf shop.

Praire Underground denim leggings.

Classic chucks (not the most comfortable).

Friday March 5th, 2010

Sometimes I just can’t get dressed in the morning. This day I changed three times. First I didn’t like my sweater, then my shoes, then my socks and my shoes…

I blame it on this dress from Anthropologie. It is really cutesy and I always expect it to be shorter than it is. I put it on expecting to feel sexy and instead I feel like I’m five — it totally throws me off. The cutesy shoes does help, nor the socks.

Dress on sale from Anthropologie.

Cardigans handmade and on sale from Anthropolgie, respectively.

Shoes: Dansko, Fluevog Frye, respectively.

Socks from sockdreams (not recommended, very loose and the cotton is rough).

Saturday March 6th, 2010

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I look like this. Death (and this was the best photo out of the set). Can the rings under my eyes get any darker?I should probably buy some sort of heavy duty concealer or something (anything) for days like this… (i.e. the end of the week).

Dress on sale from Anthropologie.

Cardigan on sale from the Gap.

Silver pin found on the ground.

7 For All Mankind on sale from a vintage shop.

Smartwool socks.

Dansko Sally maryjanes in Chestnut.


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  1. Oh wow I totally love your style!

    Comment by Kylie — May 4, 2010 @ 7:48 pm

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