March 21, 2010

Bedroom Remodel: The Closet During

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We initially tried to just fix a few small things with the closet but it just never seemed to be enough. We installed a shoe rack, we installed a new rail in the back, then we tried to install a light.

Peter did one of those romantic boy-things and offered to install a light in the closet for me. Unfortunately it ended in disaster when the ceiling fell in after he cut the hole in the ceiling with the Sawzall. It all worked out in the end though because we had drywall guys coming the next week to patch the holes from the long lost brick pillar.


Once the new ceiling was in we needed to paint. We decided to use up some of the cans of paint we already had so the closet became mini-bath pink and kitchen-trim cream. Before we painted we decided to put in new shelves in the back and Peter really wanted to put in a picture rail (because it would be hilarious). The picture rail, shelves, and painting took over a month. I also stripped the sexy bathroom plumbing and repainted it.

After the closet was painted and trimmed we stripped the old hooks that were in the closet before and bought some new ones from Anthropologie that would hold about 6-8 items each. We installed these on either side and a couple hooks up on the chair rail for displaying rarely-worn clothes.

We then put the shelves in and installed a shoe rack on the door of the closet (pictures next time!)


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