December 18, 2009

Kitty Catastrophe

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Penny went missing on Sunday. We let the cats out in the morning at around 6am (well, obviously Peter is the one who usually does this) when I assume they want to go to the bathroom. They come back in around 6:30-7am and we feed them, then they usually hang out outside for the day, with occasional visits if we are working from home to bring us leaves.
On Sunday Penny went out at 6am but then never came in for breakfast. Very strange. Then all throughout the day we called her and she never came, which is also very very strange. By early afternoon I was pretty freaked so I went door to door and asked if anyone had seen her or heard meowing. No one had. One very nice neighbor even let me look around in her back yard.

Dinner time was the big test, and by 7pm Penny still wasn’t back. Hunter was completely freaking out, having not seen her sister all day. Mixing the food for two, but faced with the idea that one would never get eaten… I finally got really upset and started crying. I took the food upstairs for the cats and at that moment I heard Peter calling my name.

He had finally found Penny! Apparently she had gone in the neighbors yard before they let their dogs out for the morning. Once they let the dogs out Penny went into hiding, but couldn’t get out — these dogs are huge, one German Shepard and one Rottweiler.  When the neighbor brought their dogs in for the night she could finally come out. Peter heard her meowing in the neighbors yard and jumped a fence and pulled back another so that she could get out.

She didn’t even seem upset, so I assume she was somewhere safe and that the dogs didn’t even know she was there. I had sworn I would never let them outside again if she did come back, but Peter won’t let me keep them locked in the house. I just have to hope she learned her lesson!



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