October 1, 2009

Hsinchu, Taiwan (6/28-7/4)

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The last time I went to Hsinchu (I’m here again now) I managed to persuade  my work to send my friend and coworker Devin along with me. It was great to go with a friend and he was much more outgoing than I was; when there by myself I just stayed in the hotel at night, but with him we went to a night market, explored the mountain side, went shopping, and tried lots of random foods.

Here is our little adventure in pictures:

We left the hotel and started walking towards a green mountain we could see in the distance. First we found a zoo where we bought ice cream in order to get change for the entrance. Unfortunately the “ice cream” was some sort of frozen banana mush. Yuck.


In the zoo the the animals were much closer than they are at home. These emus were only held in by a wooden railing which they could stick their heads through to nip at you. Their cage also bordered the outside of the zoo and they were mimicking a dog on the other side of the fence.

IMG_1326 IMG_1327

After leaving the zoo we came upon a square with a bunch of motorized cars with Pokemon characters. We bought a mystery drink (tasted like Gatorade) to get change for the cars.



Once we had the change I had to torment Devin to get him to drive the little car around. It played music as it drove, which is did lurchingly, but I was happy with my photos.


We left the square and continued our search for the green mountain. Along the way I found this picturesque fence.


And soon after we made it to the mountain where we found all sort of amazing things. To start with, the mountain was a park, and the park had workout equipment and hula-hoops!


The park also had beautiful trees and this hilarious paper cups with pigs. There were a some other people in the park and mostly I noticed a lot of old people, which made me realize how little I see old people in the US. Are they more visible in Asia because they live at home or because they are still working?

IMG_1376 IMG_1382

Most importantly, when we left the mountain we found a random restaurant on the road where a waitress happened to speak English. We asked her for a recommendation and she brought us two HUGE bowl of soup with dumplings in them. One was pumpkin and one was tomato soup; both were excellent.


Later in the evening hwe went to the hotel bar where there was a woman singing primarily Beatles songs accompanied by a karaoke machine, with a little piano thrown over the top to give it “class”.

IMG_1311 IMG_1312

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