September 14, 2009

Sad Cats

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We washed the cats. We didn’t want to, we tried everything else first, but in the end it was necessary. They have fleas. We tried the goo you put between their shoulder blades, flea collars (it doesn’t seem that these are sold anywhere in the city), washing all the sheets and towels, but still the cats were scratching like crazy. Peter and I seem largely unaffected, but every once in a while we’d see a *giant* flea go walking across Hunter’s face. Ewwwwww!

So here are obligatory funny wet cat photos!


Hunter before bathing; she clearly knows something bad is about to happen.

Both cats knew something was going on when we locked them both in the bathroom. They kept escaping whenever we’d open the door, and then they tried hiding under the bathtub.


Hunter after bathing; very very not happy.

We washed Hunter first, knowing she was going to give us the most trouble. Peter couldn’t even hold her so I had to be the one to hog-tie her and hold her under the tap. While we were washing her Penny kept trying to get under Peter’s arms to see what was going on and try to protect Hunter.


Penny after bathing; going the pathetic route.

Then, when it was Penny’s turn she just sort of looked resigned. She struggled much less and actually let us dry her. Hunter we only managed to get partially dry, then Penny had to do the rest.


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