July 20, 2009

Wardrome Remix: Black Failure

Filed under: Rachel's Wardrobe Remix — maryparadox @ 12:45 pm

So I tried to wear only black for a whole week but I felt really uninspired. I was surprised by my own lack of enthusiasm given that at least half of my wardrobe is black, but I guess I don’t do the all-black goth thing very much any more. I did wear 99% black all week, but didn’t take picture three of the days due to my lack of excitement.

20090716-891 Tuesday:

Black Cashmere cardigan from a boutique Palo Alto store.
White shirt on sale from Abercrombie & Fitch <shudder>
*New* black zip skirt found on sale after much searching; Prairie Underground
Old black fishnets
Black Frye Platform Mary Jane’s, bought on sale from
Silver rabbit necklace from my grandmother.
Silver hoop earrings from a yard sale.

20090716-880 Thursday:

Black t-shirt was a gift from a friend. It is some sort of advertisement for perfume but I think it’s hilarious.
Black kilt skirt from Crossroad second-hand store.
Black SmartWool tights.
Black doc martens of the exact same model from my college days, purchased off ebay.


And a funny picture of Peter who came in and did a little dance for the camera while I was setting up the tripod.


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