June 30, 2009

Two Skiens of “Purple Mystery” Malabrigo Worsted

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A little second hand shop opened up down the street and the girl who works there, Ria, does some alterations too. I took a dress down to be taken-in and we got to talking about sewing and knitting and the like. In exchange for the dress alterations I said I would make her a knit item.

20090627-890 20090627-887

I’m a very selfish knitter and the only other time I’ve knit something for another person was  hat I made for my sister over a year ago. I was surprised how fun it was; much less stressful than knitting for myself. I decided to start with a yarn that I wanted to try out — Malabrigo Worsted, and then chose a pattern that I thought was really cute (Liesl) and wanted to knit, but knew I wouldn’t end up wearing myself. Ria said she liked jewel tones so I used the opportunity to stroll down to my local yarn store and spend some glorious time browsing for the perfect color. I ended up choosing a dye lot called “Purple Mystery” with a little help from Peter.

Knowing this wasn’t an item for myself allowed me to cheat in all sorts of ways! I didn’t make a gauge swatch, I just cast on again and again until things looked about right. I made it short sleeved because I don’t really like knitting them. I didn’t add button holes because I forgot one and was too lazy to go back. When it ended up looking too small I just started changing the needle size in the middle and a super easy increase instead of figuring out how to add stitches into the pattern. Overall I was pretty happy with the result, and I think I know exactly how I would make another one if I did want one for myself.


The best part was the large amount of yarn left over! I used about one and a half skiens for the cardigan, then I decided to make a impulse knit for myself.  A quick search for Malabrigo and hats found an adorable bonnet hat that didn’t seem to take a lot of yarn. I don’t look particularly good in hats so I’m always searching for new styles to try out.

The ties were a little ridiculous so I removed them, and I still need to block, but so far I like it.

But there was still yarn left over! So I decided to make a felted flower based on a pattern I found on Ravelry. I had just enough for one flower with a slight modification. I’m not sure if I’ll put the flower on the bonnet, I’ll figure that out after I block.



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