June 18, 2009

Garden in Bloom

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I pruned this rose bush once during the winter and it looks amazing. Our neighbor says he planted it for an old woman who used to live in our house.

20090615-875 20090615-874

Our cats love the yard and always come hang out with us when we garden. They eat grass, chase bugs, poop everywhere, and occasionally catch a mouse.


Lemons, artichokes, tomatoes, pumpkins, oh my!

Our pumpkin plants are perhaps the most successful so far. Once they took root they started growing incredibly fast even though they are competing with nasturtiums and California poppies.  I keep hoping to get just one morning glory to grow up the fence, but so far the delicate vines are no match for the cats.

20090615-871 20090615-872

One of our tomato plants was supposed to be cherry tomatoes, but both have such big fruit already that we clearly have a mystery on our hands.

20090615-870 20090615-868

The only sad thing is that two of our plants are dying; the kumquat and the Meyer lemon. They looked unhappy so we fertilized them, then they dropped all their leaves! We can’t tell if it’s too much water, not enough, too much fertilizer, not enough…


Down to the last sprig.


The leaves are turning yellower than the lemons.


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