June 2, 2009

Shades of Blue? Green?

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Since the bathroom installation required ripping out part of the wall in the living room, and therefore moving out all the furniture, Peter and I took the opportunity to paint. Since almost everything in the room in red, chandelier, carpet, couch, we opted for a cool color that would hopefully go with some of the accents in the rug. We made mistakes — apparently this paint selection thing is pretty difficult — but I think it came out all right in the end. The painting my grandmother painted sort of pull it all together — containing both red and grey/blue/green pallet.


The doorway to the front hallway and the wall where the china cabinet used to be.

It is so nice to have a living room again! It’s been months since we’ve had a place to socialize with friends, and now we can start up our Craft Night event again!


The rug that I love and won't let Peter throw away.

The paint is about half way between a blue and a green, and seems to change color depending on the light:


Green in some light.


Blue in some light.

We didn’t paint one wall still, Peter talked me out of it, since will be ripping it out when we remodel the kitchen. For now it is a primered monstrosity that will be a steady reminder to get started!


The primered wall. We're not sure why this wall was left unpainted by the last tenant, but we're going to move the doorway soon so that you don't have to walk through the middle of the room.

What did we learn about painting from this experiment?
1. Buy flat or almost flat paint. We bought semi-gloss, then downgraded to Satin, and they are both too glossy for a wall.
2. Go for the cheap paint. The “fancy” paint was really thick and didn’t hold the roller texture as well.
3. Go thin around the edges — when we pulled off the blue tape the paint was so thick at the edges that pulled away from the wall with the tape.
4. Buy nice rollers. Cheap ones shed and leave little bits all over your wall.
5. Wear a face mask when you sand, otherwise you end up with colored boogers!






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  1. Wow! That light is fabulous! I love your work and your awesome wardrobe style.

    Comment by chelsea — July 23, 2009 @ 12:50 pm

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