June 2, 2009

House Theme – ZiM House?

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We’ve needed a house name ever since we moved in, but have never found one that felt right. Our house has lots of chandeliers, but  “chandelier house” was just too much of a mouth full. Peter’s last named home was “BHH” which stood for “Big Happy Home” and that is pretty hard to beat.

We recently had to get our garage door fixed, the bottom had rotted since water flows down the driveway to rest against it.

Our new bottom panel.

When looking through the paint in the garage to find the right color there was only a very small can of touch up paint. I brought this up to Peter and he said he wanted to paint the garage a different color — something crazy. Our front door is a rather bland purple, but we don’t have the paint for that either. Then, when we were eating dinner we found our inspiration — the Invader ZiM house! Peter got this model with the box set and it has been sitting on our kitchen table for weeks.


Roses from the garden, the Invader ZiM house, and leftover ceramic bits from my class.

Now all we need to do is go to the paint store and do our best to match this craziness. Doom doom doom doom doom-duh-doom-doom.


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