May 5, 2009

Hsinchu, Taiwan

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My first time in Asia! Hsinchu is large in a sprawling sort of way, and authentic in the sense that no one speaks english. The people I worked with there were incredibly bright though, and very very nice. It rained the whole time we were there, with thunder and lightning. The weather was warm and steamy, which would have been nice if we hadn’t missed a weekend of 80 degree weather back home.


A sign in the elevator in the Hsinchu office. Hilarious. The next image is the potsticker box our lunch came in.

The strange porn menu in the hotel room; I hadn't thought of the fact that people might care if the woman in the porn video was white or Asian.

A display of cigars for sale; each with an image of a pregnant belly on the front, I assume to discourage pregnant women from smoking.

I flew through Toyko, Japan on my way to and from Hsinchu. On the way back my boss recommended a sushi restaurant in the terminal, outside of my gate. Airport sushi?? It sounded terrifying, but I went anyway. It was amazing. Probably the best sushi I’ve ever had, and it makes me really want to go back to Japan.

This was alive in the sushi case. No I did no eat it.

Oddly, as in California, all of the guys working in the sushi restaurant were Korean. There was a hilarious drunk guy that sat next to me at the bar and he kept saying the only English words he knew; these consisted of “hamburger” which was accompanied by the motion of biting into a hamburger, “roast beef”, “Hollywood”, and “San Francisco”. At least he got one of them right!

Shwag for my sister from Hsinchu.

I managed to take only a small gym bag and my backpack with my this trip, which meant only carry on, and no waiting at the carousel!


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