April 16, 2009

Alemany Farmer’s Market

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I am a big Farmer’s Market fan and Peter and I have been alternating between the Alemany and Ferry Building markets since we moved to San Francisco. From our house in the Mission district of San Francisco we can walk over Bernal Heights to the south and get to the Alemany Farmer’s Market, or we can either ride our bikes or take the bus to get to the Ferry Building market (I’ll talk about that in another post). The Alemany market is cheaper, closer, older, and historically the place to go for live chickens and asian vegetables. It isn’t as big as the Ferry Building market though and doesn’t have as many organic foods or prepared goods.


The view when walking from my house towards Bernal Heights.


Me in my dorky "sun wear" and giant market bag.

A 360 degree view from the top of Bernal Heights:

20090330-896 20090330-897 20090330-898
20090330-899 20090330-900 20090330-901
20090330-902 20090330-903 20090330-904
20090330-905 20090330-906 20090330-907

The street you can see in the top row that has all of the trees is my street! I love that it is so leafy and beautiful.

20090330-910 20090330-912

I really like the plant on the left — I’ve seen these all over the place in the last couple of weeks. I would like to plant some in the back yard (I’ve seen them thriving places with very little sun) but I don’t know what they are called. If you know please leave a comment! The girl on the right was really darling, and her cardigan was so cute! When she turned around I realized she had just sewed the back darts in a very simple way, but it worked really well.

20090330-915 20090330-913

Some of the produce offered (I love the grapefruit on a stick, it looks like a rainbow that has been beheaded). There are of course other stalls that sell vegetables, baked goods, flowers, etc. I went to buy plants and came away with grasses, lavender, and a pomegranate bush!


The resident Alemany Farmer's market musician who plays banjo and has a dancing "cat".


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