April 3, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 20

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Paint! We got to see the bathroom with the pink paint for the first time yesterday. The pink looks great, unfortunately the white looked like a sickly graying green. This is the same color used in the upstairs bathroom, but a new can, so either they mixed it wrong or it is just the way it looks next to pink. We decided to rectify by painting the lower panel pink as well (but a different shade), so the white will only be on the trim. Peter went and bought the new pink for the bottom panel today, so I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

20090403-889 20090403-874

They still need to install the marble backsplash, and Ed says he will pick up the mirror from the shop today. The picture on the right shows that they painted the inside of the door cream (like the hallway trim) instead of white (like the bathroom trim). I’m not sure I really care, since I don’t love the white paint we chose for the bathroom anyway.


The back wall, where the toilet will be.

As you can see from the photo (or perhaps you can’t, if you’re like Peter and everything looks white), the lower portion of the wall looks slightly greenish-gray. Hopefully the all-pink bathroom will be better.


The ceiling.

We had some small confusion about how to paint above the picture rail. I had planned on the bit of wall above the picture rail being white, like the ceiling, but Peter thought it should be pink, since it was wall. Well, he was the one there to talk to the contractor, so pink it is. I figure I can live with it for a while and see if I learn to like it. Part of me wants to paint the rest of the ceiling pink, except for the cornice.


The dining/living room.

We told Ed not to paint the dining room because we were going to paint the whole room ourselves, but then they went and did it anyway. It looks pretty nice. Now we just need to remove all that bloody wallpaper and paint the rest of the room.


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