March 11, 2009

Killer Kitties (not a posting for children)

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I mentioned a couple of months ago how a friend bought our cats some toy mice and they learned to play catch and fetch. Since then we have gone through about five or six “mice” as the cats eat then, lose them, and destroy them. They continue to be the favored toy and Peter and I now stop by and buy more whenever we are near the pet store, knowing we can never have too many in stock. Sometime they are so many in circulation (about six last time I checked) that we begin to wonder if there isn’t some secret mice burial ground that we don’t know about.


Hunter looking evil.

Well, the other day I went into the backyard and found the cats playing with something. It looked like one of the fake mice and so I thought “Ah hah! The secret to where all the fake mice go — outside!” But, upon closer inspection, I was wrong.


Upon closer inspection, not a fake mouse.

I wonder, did the cats even know that this mouse was different from the mice we play with in the house? The mouse wasn’t dead (yet) when I first came outside and I picked it up hoping to save it. I had a pet rat I was very fond of as a child and I still like rodents (just ask Peter about how I think squirrels are cute). Unfortunately I didn’t find him until too late and his injuries were to severe. While in my hands he rolled over onto his back, curled up his little legs, and bit the dust. I felt bad and there may or may not have been a tear or too. Then I have the mouse back to the cats to play with since they were having so much fun after all. All those practice sessions of catch and fetch really came in handy.

20090308-973 20090308-970

The next day Penny brought the mouse to Peter while he was working from home, but he thought it was one of the fake mice for a game of fetch. He claims he “screamed like a little girl” when he picked up the real mouse and figured out what it was.


Very dead.


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