March 10, 2009


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If you asked me the proverbial question “cookies or cake?” I would answer “Brownies!” For me cookies are too sweet and cake is too dry. Brownies come out moist (or downright gooey if you under cook them like I do), chocolaty, and if they are good, not too sweet.

I have a wheat allergy (which is different from gluten intolerance, which is called celiac disease) which means that I’m limited when it comes to brownie recipes. I do some baking and some cooking but haven’t really tackled the challenge of wheat-free cooking (well, I tried once and it was a complete disaster, without gluten things tend to be dry to the point of dusty) So instead of attempting to create the perfect wheat-free brownie I have instead sampled every single gluten/wheat-free brownie mix available at my local hippie food stores. Since I’m also allergic to corn, soy, milk, peanuts, and walnuts, I chose mixes that also excluded those things.

I here I present to you the results! Imagine the countless hours of dumping mix into bowls, stirring, baking, and eating that I have sacrificed to bring you this mecca of brownie!! It was torture I tell you. Pure torture.


Mmmmmm. Greatest. Brownies. Ever. Even if I could eat wheat!

Actually the truth is that I do eat wheat semi frequently, just not in large quantities. I think these brownies are good even weighed against the normal flour variety. My theory is that when the the makers of these brownies were in their test kitchen they responded to every uncertainty by saying “add more chocolate!” Of course I also add a cup of chocolate chips when I make them (luckily Peter usually has a giant bag of dark chocolate chips, milk chocolatechips , and chocolate nibs laying around).

This brand, Namaste, also has a pancake mix and a muffin mix that are wheat/gluten free. I tried the pancakes and they were awesome, now I can’t wait to try the muffins. I couldn’t find this brand at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco but it was available at Whole Foods, which means you can get it just about anywhere.

Did I also mention that you can freeze the brownies after they are baked then eat them right out of the freezer??!!


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