March 10, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 12ish

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The Victoriana Book of Ornamental Building Materials No. 18.

The contractors worked a couple half days in there somewhere, so lets jump ahead to day 12. Since the bathroom tile was installed Peter and I have spent our time picking out trim for our house. Since we have a Victorian this includes base boards, chair rails, picture rails, and cornices. Ed gave us a book from a local company called Victoriana that makes trim to match some of the most popular Victorian styles.


A page describing the different ways to trim a door. The simplest one on the far left matches our house.

The book is pretty amazing. It includes detailed drawings in the back demonstrating most of the major styles and which components to buy to reproduce them. It took a long time just to figure out the names of all the types of trim and what they were all used for.


We're getting the cornice on the bottom right of the first page. It's only 7" in diameter.

We had picked out a lot of this by the time the carpenter showed up this morning, but he helped us make a few more choices, some of which came from a second shop with a slightly different selection (I’ll get the name and post it soon). We were able to find trim that matched the base board and chair rail in the living room perfectly. This will go where the china cabinet was removed to make the wall look seamless.


Chair rails. The one on the lower left hand side of the right page matches our living room exactly!

Then we needed to pick out base board, chair rail, and door trim (called “casing”, in case you’re curious) for the hallway where the wall was moved and the bathroom door is. Ed had saved the trim from around the china cabinet, in hopes of using it to trim the door, but the thought of dealing with 20 layers of old paint convinced us that splurging on new trim was worth it.


Chair rails. I was torn between the one in the middle and the one to the left of it. Peter helped me selttle on the one to the left -- it was simpler.

Then in the bathroom we needed to pick out a chair rail, picture rail, and a cornice for where the chandelier will go (but we don’t need a base board because we used the marble tile instead — easier to clean).


The indexd page, showing the cross sections of all the trim.


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