March 9, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 11

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Half way through obsessively lining up the veins in the tile.

Peter and I picked out the marble tile and grout for the bathroom floor several weeks ago and have been storing it the garage until the time came. When I found out that the tile setter was coming I brought it upstairs and began setting it out in the living room to figure out how I wanted it to be laid out. Is that a crazy thing to do? Peter thought I had gone bananas. I began to wonder if I had myself, but then I saw the end result:


The best shot I could get of the floor. The veins line up horizontally, with the center line being the best.

The tiles are set so that the ones on the long wall of the bathroom have three inches cut off and flipped up to create the base board. This means that the veins continue up the wall, since they are part of the same tile.


Veins lining up horizontally and vertically.

The tile to the left of the sink in the last picture will be used to make a backspash! Our current bathroom has wainscoting as the backsplash and all the little grooves get filled with gunk and are impossible to get clean. The current bathroom also has no (none, zip, zero, nada) counter-space, and a tiny mirror. The new bathroom will be a quarter the size, but will have the bit of counter integrated into the sink and a nice big mirror!


A sink preview. Hahahah, Get it? I kill myself.


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