February 24, 2009

Bathroom Remodel: Day 6

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Choosing a contractor:

When we originally began thinking about adding a half bathroom to our house we solicited quotes from two contractors. The first created the exact same half bathroom in our neighbors house — our houses used to be one, share a common wall, and have identical, though mirrored floor plans. This contractor’s bid was high and he eerily agreed to everything I wanted without caveat. The second contract, Ed Sykes, came recommended by a friend of a friend as being good and affordable. When he came to give us a quote he mentioned many things that the first contractor had not — venting the plumbing, dimensions required by code, and permits, to name a few. Ed said that a lot more work was required, such as tearing a hole in the office wall to vent the plumbing, so we assumed that he would be more expensive — but when he gave us a quote it was actually less. Ed said that he only works to code and always gets permits, and although this would be more difficult we felt more confidant that his work would be of better quality. So far it seems like a good decision!


I mention this because on day six we began our “pre” inspections. Apparently after framing, plumbing, and electrical you get inspections for each before the insulation and drywall goes up. On day six we had the plumbing inspection, which passed.



Ventilation will be important in such a small enclosed space!

On the same day the electrician came and installed a fan, two light connectors, four switches and a socket. The fan was vented down through the floor and out the garage and the electrician had the great idea of putting it in the wall behind the toilet — that way it was closest to where it was needed, it was easy to install and pipe to the garage, and it didn’t interfere with having a chandelier in the ceiling.


A connector for a chandelier and for makeup lights over the mirror.

Our house has ridiculous chandeliers in a couple of rooms so we decided to continue that theme and put a mini chandelier in our mini bathroom. We haven’t decided what we’re going to use yet, but it might be my cloud chandelier.


The socket on the left and the switches on the right.

So apparently the current code for bathroom lighting requires a sensor/switch that will automatically shut off the lighting after motion has stopped for 5-30 minutes (it’s configurable). The top set of switches on the right are for the chandelier and the makeup lights and are basically used to set a program — you decide if you want them to come on when you hit the sensor/switch and how bright you want them to be (they are on dimmers). Then, when  you come into the bathroom and hit the sensor/switch that program is what comes on. It’s a little confusing. The second switch next to the sensor/switch is for the fan and this is also on a timer so  you can turn it on and leave the bathroom, which seemed useful for clearing the air.


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