February 4, 2009

Storm Clouds

Filed under: Ceramics — maryparadox @ 10:29 pm

I’ve been working on a crazy “cloud” project for the last several months. I got this idea of making a cloud out of Southern Ice clay, which is translucent, and turning it into a chandelier with little teardrop shaped crystals to look like rain. It didn’t come out quite right, the cloud looks more like popcorn than cloud, and it cracked along the bottom, but hey, it’s a first try. The method I used (shaping it around newspaper) also caused lots of folds, hence the difference thicknesses and the storm-cloud affect. I actually rather like it, but wouldn’t want to have to repeat the process. Next time I’m going to try either forming the cloud around animal balloons and Saran-wrap or making a plaster mold.
I also had some trouble tying on the raindrops. The monofilament was stiff enough that if I tied a single line to the drop it caused it to stick out a a funny angle. Instead I put them on with loops of monofilament line, using a crimp bead at the top inside the cloud to secure it. It just occurred to me I could have probably used thread and I wouldn’t have had this problem…


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