January 27, 2009

Bathroom Prep — Family Demolition Fun!

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The before photo.

In order to put in our new bathroom we have to removed the china cabinet in our dining/living room which projects into the future-bathroom space. My fabulous uncle Bob and my father helped me demolish the china cabinet, rip out the plaster, the lathe, vacuum out a pound of dust, and somehow magically keep the rest of the house clean. Oh yeah, and the most important part, take all that junk to the dump!


Step one: Remove any hardware that could be reused.


Cover the work site in plastic so we keep the dust contained. Then take a giant sledge hammer and start pounding, kicking, pulling and grunting, whatever it takes to get that thing out!


The china cabinet completely removed. You can see that the area under the stairs used to be a room -- painted green and with marks where shelves used to be.


Shoveling out the plaster. We later found about four cubic feet of lathe and plaster underneath the lower end of the stairs -- the lazy man's method of waste disposal.


Ripping out the lathe. This part was fun because it just came flying out.


The plaster appeared to be made out of some sort of hair and white power.


The nails in part of the wood and in the lathe were square-headed. This is from the time when nails were all hand made and the heads were created by putting the nail body in a tapered hole and then pounding the end to make it flat.


Bob, being a super-uncle and carting refuse out to the truck.


Dad suffering from the extreme plaster dust. We stupidly didn't use any protection and were picking black booger out of our eyes, ears, and noses for the rest of the day. We also had allergies for the few days after that -- so learn from us and wear dusk masks!

And now we’re almost ready for the contractor to come start on February 2nd, 2009! The only thing left is to clear out the garage where the plumbing will have to go through the wall from the sewer line.


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