January 26, 2009

Catch and Fetch

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A friend was kind enough to pass along some toys for our beloved cats Hunter and Penny. These cats are pretty spoiled already, with two cat trees and many toys, not to mention free access to the outside and all of the computer cables they can get their teeth on. Apparently they were lacking for serious entertainment though, because these toys really changed the picture. One in particular caught their attention — a red fuzzy mouse made out of what looked like rabbit fur. Their previous favorite toy was a sparkly red ball, which they destroyed leaving tufts of sparkles all over our carpet.

20090113-629 20090113-661

Unfortunately I only have pictures of Penny here, but the toy is actually usually in the possession of Hunter. With this toy our cats have trained us to play games that allow us to sit on our butts while they run around getting lots of exercise. Yes, that’s right, Hunter plays *fetch* with this mouse — you know, we throw it and she brings it back, right to your lap! And if that wasn’t cool enough, Penny with play *catch* — she lays on her back and if you toss the ball to her she will snatch it out of mid-air!

Now are our cats cool or what!!




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  1. […] a couple of months ago how a friend bought our cats some toy mice and they learned to play catch and fetch. Since then we have gone through about five or six “mice” as the cats eat then, lose […]

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