January 16, 2009

Snowboarding in Tahoe

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Dad (looking hilarious) and Jackie on the slopes.

My dad rented a cabin in Tahoe for a week and we all took vacation and went snowboarding/skiing. My dad lives in Australia and hasn’t skied since he moved there, about 15 years ago. My friend Kevin lent him some skiis and he tried to  get back in the swing of things.


Dad relearning to ski. After the first day he said he was "too old and too fat" for the sport and spent the rest of the vacation reading and cooking.

I didn’t go at all last year so this was really nice — I got to ride three half days, which is usually my average for the whole season. My sister is really into snowboarding and is much better than me, she can go off the box jumps and scream past me on her board, and I never see her fall. I’m a mediocre snowboarder, able to ride okay once I remember, but usually not going often enough to move past that point.


Me and my sister wearing our dorky snow gear.

I guess I just like mountain biking better so can’t quite justify the distance and expense of snowboarding  — though I’ll drive the same distance and spend a similar amount of money during the summer to go mountain biking. I guess the difference is that I can also mountain bike at home for free, and only go out of town for an extra little somethin’-somethin’. I actually met my friend Kevin mountain biking and now we do all sorts of sports together, other than Peter he is the fittest person I know.


Kevin in his hand-painted helmet presenting a nice view.

I don’t know as many people that snowboard as I used to. Now-a-days I go with either my sister or Kevin, and this time I went with both. Jackie buys a season pass to Northstar and Kevin got a discount for working in a ski-shop, so I was the only one that had to buy a full price ticket (and I only did one day, mooching off of their passes the rest of the time).  My sister’s boyfriend Dan also came on the trip, but he is recovering from a shoulder injury (as am I) and took it easy (as I did not), only riding one day.


Jackie hopping through the flat sections.

The weather was beautiful and sunny the whole weekend, with decent snow at the beginning of the week and decent slush at the end. We spent most of the time on intermediate slopes, taking it easy and having fun. Then we’d go back to the cabin and eat some fantastic dinner my dad made; crab in black bean sauce, crab cakes, chicken soup, and pot roast!


It was a great vacation, though, as usual, I was happy to get home!


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