January 15, 2009

Projects Summary

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A while ago I showed pictures of us moving a meyer lemon tree in our back yard. I meant to post before and after pictures of the yard but didn’t get around to slurping them off my camera until yesterday.

2008.12.25.0005 2008.12.25.0053

The yard before and after. A evil spiky bush was removed from the left side of the yard and replaced with the meyer lemon tree from the right side of the yard (look for the bare dirt patch in the after photo to see where the meyer was). I’m happy to report that the lemon tree seems to be doing well and didn’t even lose one of its copious baby lemons (though dad ripped one off thinking it was something else). We also narrowed the path by about a foot. The “path” was too big for a walkway and too small for a patio, just cutting the yard in half and exageratting the narrowness of it. Ideally I would like the path to be curved, but I think that would be too hard to retrofit. When we took out the pavers the ground underneath had been leveled with sand and the cats LOVE it, you can see them out the window rolling around in it and fighting over it like it’s home base.

The right hand side of the yard is going to be tilled and turned into a fruit and vegetable garden (fingers crossed). We’re going to get rid of the tall planter box because it takes up so much space and makes the (already midget) sized yard seem even smaller. We haven’t decided what to reuse the wood for, there has been talk of making smaller planter boxes (about a foot high) or a work bench in the garage.


The view before.


The view after.

I have one more great set of before and after pictures. We have a ridiculously large deck off of our office and whoever built it was a real goober. It looks like they finished it and realized that it swayed too much, then just kept nailing more boards into the supports until it seemed to stop moving. This caused the view out of the kitchen window to look like a bunch of wood sometimesĀ  interspersed with views of the yard.


Not the most precarious situation he put himself into.

My dad took on the project of “fixing” the shoring-up of deck. He spent most of his time just trying to get crossbeams off, which were nailed on with about 50 brittle short nails. He then put them back on higher up where they don’t block the window. Unfortuantely, after he was done the deck rocked even worse then before. He then fixed the fix by adding tension cables underneath. I haven’t been out there since to see if swinging your hips brings on an earth quake.


Cute kitty picture of the day -- Penny giving Hunter a "massage".


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