January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

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20090113-703 20090113-702

This year my whole family decided that Christmas would be at my house this year. I guess because Peter and I just bought a house, but that also means that we don’t have things like Christmas decorations.

I tried to convince Peter that we should get a Christmas tree, but neither of us really wanted to watch it die after the festivities. We also have the world’s smallest yard, so a potted tree wouldn’t work, and a really really full garage, so a plastic tree it out (even though that is what we had when I was a kid, so plastic would have been nostalgic, if a little tacky).

In the end we ended up “stealing” (from the free pile) a bunch of clippings from a Christmas tree stand. I guess they cut the big branches off the bottom so the trunk can fit into the stand, similar to how you would pull rose leaves off the bottom of the stem so that they will fit into a vase. So we brought the branches home and I set about trying to do something creative with them, and so was born the Catmas (Catmaus, Catmouse) Tree.

IMG_0933 2008.12.25.0029

The cat tree was the only thing really to tie the branches to, and it had the added benefit of holding Christmas presents. I’m not sure what the cats thought though. The decorations are from the last craft night we had at the house, where the temptation of pink paper and scissors incited some people to make cut-outs.


Peter with the fully loaded tree.


Mom opening a present from "Santa".

As for presents, I got a bunch of great ones — my dad brought me homemade wood buttons(!!) for my knitting project, peter got me a tow-hitch for my car so I can use a rear bike rack instead of a roof rack (it can be difficult to lift a heavy mountain bike up that high, and it causes drag), my mom got me a new purse (which I’ve needed ever since I got my last one stolen), and my sister got me slippers (my first pair ever). I’m sure there are more, but those are the highlights. I’ll post some pictures of the buttons soon, they are soooo cool!


My sister, with her new Hello Kitty humidifier, and her boyfriend Dan.

We also have a family tradition of people buying themselves gifts (I mean really, who knows what I want more than I do!) These gifts are wrapped and placed along side the other gifts — but instead of saying they are to and from yourself you say they are from Santa. So whenever someone goes to open a gift from “Santa” everyone else goes “oooooh, Saaaaanta! This year Santa brought me four pairs of knee-high socks!


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