December 23, 2008

Santa Cruz

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The bay looking North.


The bay looking South.

I grew up in Santa Cruz and my mom still lives there. Luckily for me she has a spare room and when I can get away I get a free mini-vacation by driving the hour-and-a-half to go visit her. Santa Cruz is really beautiful, though a rather small town, with many of the problems that come with a small town (you run into your first boyfriend, his girlfriend, that kid you hated from high-school, etc.)

Peter and I drove down there for my mom’s birthday and thanksgiving last month, and both times we went for a walk from my mom’s house, through a wildlife preserve, through the harbor, and to the ocean.

On mother’s day, across the harbor from the light-house:


The light-house on the North end of the harbor.


Looking contemplatively at the beautiful view.

And on the light-house side of the harbor the day before Thanksgiving:


The light-house up close.

Interesting story about Santa Cruz — there is a part of town known as Twin Lakes within Santa Cruz county but south of the city of Santa Cruz. Twin Lakes is near the ocean and has one small lake that mingles with the ocean at high-tide or during heavy rains. As a child I always wondered where the second lake was and I finally found out a couple of years ago — the second lake is the harbor. The barrier between the lake and the ocean was ripped out and the harbor is dredged constantly to maintain the passage. The light-house sits on the north end of the harbor, and the Crow’s Nest restaurant is on the south side.


A nice picture of mom.


Classic Peter face.

We went to thanksgiving at two places this year, my uncle’s house the day before, and our friend Chris’s house the day of. I always forget to take pictures, but I got a couple at my uncle’s house this year — they did a “crab-feed”.


This is only a portion of the crabs they made!


Peter doesn't even like crab but is still willing to help.


My uncles Bob and Ron (sucking crab brain juice, ewwwww).


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