December 23, 2008

Backyard Reorg

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Our backyard, like our house, is long and skinny. Our lot is only 15 feet wide — the result of someone deciding to split a house into two single-family homes by cutting it right down the middle, instead of doing a condo conversion by floors (each floor is a separate condo).

Some previous owner did some landscaping, installing a patio with pavers and a wide walkway that goes to the back third of the yard. There is one really nice mature lemon tree, then a small Meyer lemon almost on top of the walkway, and some other mysterious citrus that it looks like the real estate agent planted in order to make the yard look filled out.

We want to make the yard more use-able, for a garden, for hanging out in, and for viewing. Step one is to get rid of or cut back the plants we don’t want, and to shape the yard into a more appealing shape. The long wide path that goes to the back exaggerates the narrowness of the yard, and the Meyer lemon tree would eventually block the path and the view of the far-back.

So we cut down the path by a foot (and possibly will do more) and relocated the Meyer lemon tree to a location currently filled by an incredibly thorny flower-less fruit-less doomed citrusy looking thing.

Next we would like to take out the giant raised bed, possibly deconstructing it and using the lumber for smaller beds 90 degrees to the current bed. I should really draw up a plan for the backyard to show all this, but I’m way too lazy right now.

Moving the lemon tree was pretty straight-forward, but a lot of work. You have to try to maintain the root-ball of the tree, and therefore dig a giant mote around the tree and lift out the whole thing as one piece. It started raining about half way through and we were pretty drenched by the time we were done.

The cats hang out with us outside when we do yard work.

The tree almost out, just some roots underneath still attached.

And then it started to rain.

And the rain created mud.

Digging the a nice big hole to put the lemon tree into.

Drop the tree in, center it, and fill the top with dirt, creating a little wall so water stays near the roots.

The Meyer lemon in its new home.

One good thing about the rain is that it has been hydrating the tree really well and so far it hasn’t wilted or dropped any of its fruit. Woohoo!

We found all this glass, and more, in our back yard while moving the Meyer lemon tree!


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