December 8, 2008

Kitchens, Present and Future

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Our kitchen is a disaster. I’ve mentioned it before, but our kitchen has NO COUNTERS. There is a small amount of dilapidated tile around the kitchen sink, which is in a WHOLE OTHER ROOM which was tacked onto the back of our house and is now falling down. Witness:


You are now viewing all of the counters and cabinets in our kitchen. Note the missing tile on the left and the sagging ceiling above. Also the amazing view of the deck supports out the window.

We really want to remodel the kitchen, but decided to do a smaller project first (the mini-bath, no pun intended), in order to get the hang of things. In the meantime we can keep thinking about all the things we wished the kitchen had (cabinets, windows) and where all those things should go. We try to spend as little money as possible on the kitchen since we will be remodeling, but sometimes you have to fix things up a little bit in order to survive.

So far we have made the following improvements in the kitchen:


Fit shelves into an almost completely useless corner.


Removed the giant and useless brick pillar next to the stove.


Added a little bit of counter space next to the stove, so you actually have a place to put hot things down.


And our newest addition -- a spice rack in the shadow of the brick pillar.


Gratuitous close-up.

All the while fine tuning our dream kitchen (or at least our affordable dream kitchen):


Highlights: more light in the living room, bar seating, more windows, lots of cabinets for food and dishes, a breakfast nook, and an awning over the back door.


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