November 14, 2008

Halloween 2008

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Roger and Jessica Rabbit.

A couple of months before Halloween my mom bought a strapless red velvet dress at a second hand store — and when I saw it I immediately thought of one thing — Jessica Rabbit! When I was a kid my dad bought Who Framed Roger Rabbit and my sister and I watched it over and over again. Only as an adult did I find out that while the good-guys win in the movie in real life it went the other way — car manufacturers shut down the train lines in Los Angeles in order to turn it into the giant freeway that it is today.

Peter has never dressed up for Halloween with me before but I somehow managed to convince him to go as Roger Rabbit. His costume was really simple, consisting of bunny ears and a bow tie, but I think it got the point across and I loved it.

Us “in character”:

stuff-625 stuff-623
stuff-642 stuff-622

After work I went to Miette, the candy store in Hayes Valley that Holly works at. She did the Halloween decorations for the store and I really wanted to check them out. She brought branches in from her parents’ house and made bats out of construction paper and cobwebs out of twine.


The Miette window display.

Her costume met all of the Fenn family criteria — easy to walk in and warm! I wish my costume had conformed more to these rules, I had to changes my shoes whenever I need to walk from one even to the next.

IMG_0744 IMG_0745

Holly went as The Night for Halloween -- as in swirling blackness with a flock of bats circling the moon (i.e. her face).

IMG_0734 IMG_0749

After I got home from Miette Peter and I went to Adam’s house for dinner and scary movies. Adam made boiled potatoes and brought out this crazy machine called a “Raclette” which consisted of a warming tray with a cover and a bunch of little spatula/dish things that slid inside of it. Each person took slices of cheese and put them in their dish thing then put it into the machine — and it melted your cheese. Then you poured your cheese over your potatoes, pickles, and sliced meats. It was pretty good, but seemed like an odd thing to dedicated space in your kitchen for.

Picture 024

Kate and the Reclette. Kate made a "cop" dress, at the t-shirt printing shop she works at, as her halloween costume.

Picture 029

Adam didn't dress up (he does all the time for band-related stuff) and Devin was a serial killer, "because they look just like everyone else".


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