November 13, 2008

Australia: Scenery, September 2007

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I went to Australia in September of 2007 to visit my dad. That was before I started this blog, so the picture have just been sitting in my flickr stream, viewed by relatively few. I figured, since I’m making posts about my other flickr sets, that I would do one about my Australia trip as well.

When trying to pick photos to showcase there just seemed to be too many to choose from. So I’ve decided to do two posts; one as a sort of “pimp Australia” post, showing all the beautiful scenery shots, and a second about my family/friend visits.

The flickr photostream can be found here.


The foggy view out my father's window in the morning.


My dad loves car camping and took me to this beautiful spot for a weekend.


From the campsite we drove through the wilderness in our gas guzzling Range Rovers trying to spot kangaroos (and succeeding).


Our drive took us to the coastline where we fished for our dinner.

Australia Australia

On the way home we passed this really picturesque cow and I had to stop to take a picture. The photo on the right is a wheat field right before harvest.

After leaving Perth I flew to Cairnes where the Great Barrier Reef meets the Daintree rainforest.

Australia Australia

The photo to the left is a stop at a swimming hole in the rainforest tour. The photo to the right is a vine in the rainforest which innocuously climbs a tree then strangles it to death — and when the tree falls down then the vine begins climbing the trees that it falls against.


Fitzroy Island off the coast of Cairnes.

After Cairnes I went on to Melbourne, which was infinitely better. While there I mostly walked around the city and checked out the neighborhoods, though I did pay to go up to the 88th floor of Eureka Tower, the “tallest building” in Melbourne, to check out the cityscape.

Australia Australia

The same shot before and after sunset from the viewing gallery. The “Skydeck” would have been infinitely better if it had been minimally lit inside, which would have maximized the view of the outside, which is what you are paying to see. Instead it was filled with televisions and moving colored lights on the floors, walls and ceiling. This caused reflections on the inside of the glass which drastically reduced the view of the outside.

Australia Australia

While also in Melbourne I got to hook up with my cousin Kristian, who had just moved there, and who I had missed while in Perth. He was kind enough to drive me around the countryside and take me to the (other) coast.


One small part of a fantastic graffiti alley in downtown Melbourne.


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