November 12, 2008

Austin, Texas

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2008-10-10 à 17-15-32

My housemate Holly and our friend Annie.

The week I was originally going to have shoulder surgery ended up being the same week that my friend Annie, who lives in Austin, was going to be in her first fashion show — as a designer. I really wanted to go but couldn’t bring myself to postpone the surgery, it just seemed too frivolous. But then, as luck would have it, the doctor canceled because of jury duty! So I flew off to Austin with my housemate Holly, and here are some of the beautiful people I met.

2008-10-10 à 16-07-54

Angel, before her fashion-show makeover. The clothes for the show are hanging behind her.

2008-10-10 à 17-08-01

Angel, on the left, after her fashion-show makeover.

2008-10-10 à 17-08-18

Chenoh using her hot-roller and hair spray magic to make hair big.

2008-10-10 à 16-37-12

Annie applying Sara's makeup for the show.

The fashion show was held by a community thrift shop that donates their proceeds to local organizations. All of the clothes in the show had to be made from 100% recycled materials.

2008-10-10 à 16-38-26

I love this shot, Melony looks just like a supermodel in a crazy fashion spread.

Melony is a ceramicist and she gave Holly and me two beautiful cups to take home with us — one pale blue with a pale yellow inside, and the other identical but with the colors inverted.

2008-10-10 à 17-11-47

Annie and Melony. Annie's hair was incredible, she should have been in the show as well -- she even had an extra dress that she decided not to show.

2008-10-10 à 17-14-27 Angel3 2008-10-10 à 19-01-59

These hair clips were the biggest success from the show, they are made of the same tea-stained stripes found throughout the dresses, and are centered by a grouping of fake teeth! Angel wore hers all week and had tons of people asking to buy them.

2008-10-10 à 18-02-50

Melony, Angel, Annie, and Sara before the show.

2008-10-10 à 17-59-39

Angel, Sara, and Melony in their dresses, getting instructions for the catwalk.

2008-10-10 à 18-41-21

Sara on the catwalk. You can see Angel in the right foreground and Holly and Chenoh just behind Sara holding up their cameras. I was sitting on top of a chain link fence trying to get a view.

2008-10-10 à 18-41-36

The girls on the catwalk. They were the best models because they went slowly and engaged the crowd -- by doing silly things like pretending to be Charlie's Angels.

2008-10-10 à 19-15-13

Holly, Annie, Melony and Chenoh reviewing the great video Chenoh made of the catwalk.

2008-10-10 à 23-17-53

Me wearing one of Annie's creations (the same one Angel wore in the show). I also got to wear the dress that didn't make it into the show -- and Annie said I could have it because it fit me so well!

The day after the fashion show we went to a birthday party in the woods where we played a version of balderdash, drank home-made root beer and hung out with friends.

2008-10-12 à 17-06-25

Sienna looking very glamorous in the woods.

Collin and Holly.

Colin and Holly crushing at balderdash and trying to look innocent.

On our last night in Austin we went dancing :)

2008-10-12 à 23-55-06

Angel and Holly rocking out at 50's night at yyy. Check out Annie in the background in her adorable child-sized dress and stockings.


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