October 2, 2008

Surgery or Fashion?

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So, I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow morning on my shoulder, but the doctor just canceled. Apparently he has “jury duty”. Doesn’t that sound like an excuse?

I had this weird premonition it was going to be canceled. They rescheduled the pre and post operative appointments several times and ended up having to double-book me for the pre-op. It made me wonder how they were going to find time to do the surgery.

Mostly I was just really hoping it would be canceled because my friend Annie is a designer in a fashion show in Austin next weekend and my new house-mate Holly is going to go to see it. I really wanted to go but it was going to be only a week after my surgery and I wouldn’t be able to get around or sleep comfortably. Now I can go! Suh-weeet!

It is also really good for work. WIth the new job I have a lot more work to do, most of which is front-loaded while the project is getting up and running. With two extra weeks I can hopefully get the whole project safely into the next phase (which is more the responsibility of the engineering manager), at which point it will be a better time to take off for a week.

As for the surgery — I was a bit scared, to be honest. In dumbed-down speak they are going to see if my arm is still attached to the socket/shoulder blade, and if not, repair it; then they are going to reattach my arm/shoulder blade to my collar bone (and therefore the rest of my body). I’ve had surgery on the shoulder twice already, both times arthroscopic , but this time they are going to be making the three arthroscopic holes (for the arm-attachment) then a nice big two inch cut for the collar bone attachment. Not so into the big-scar-on-my-shoulder thing. Imagine what this could do to my halter-top days?

But I scar well, and with some careful stitching I think it won’t be too bad — my bra strap might even cover it some of the time :)


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