August 26, 2008

Peter’s Bike is Jacked!

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Peter has been complaining that his bike is creaking for a couple of weeks. For some reason I didn’t take this seriously (apparently I don’t learn too quickly). He diligently took apart his bike and found that his seat post was cracked, replaced it, then rode the bike the next day to see if the creak was gone. It wasn’t. Then yesterday he looked down at his top tube and saw that the tube he had wrapped around it (to protect the frame from the handle bars swinging around) was undulating oddly. When he got to work he pulled back to tube and saw the scariest thing ever.

What lies beneath.

What lies beneath.

The problem might be hard to see if you aren’t sure what you’re looking at. Here are more pictures I took when he got home (which unfortunately involved riding the bike).

The break goes straight through the top tube!

Gratuitous shot, just so you can see the ground through the crack.

We’re not sure when this happened, since Peter hasn’t crashed on this bike (amazing!) The bike did partially fall off the roof rack on my car — it was still connected by the rear wheel so it swung down and hit the side of the car (causing a few dents and scratches in the car as well). At the time we thought that the dent in the top tube was the only thing damaged.

The crack is the mark towards the front of the top tube. The dent is towards the seat.

Even scarier is the fact that this has obviously been broken for a while. Peter has been hearing the sound for weeks and when you look at the two halves there are silver marks where one half has been working its way inside of the other half.

A side shot of the wear marks.


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