August 25, 2008

Born Free

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Now that the cats have collars we felt obliged to introduce them to the great outdoors. I wanted them to understand the relationship between the inside and outside, so that they could find their way back in, so we left the back door open and coaxed them outside. Penny came along fine, but Hunter (oh, the irony) was scared and wouldn’t step over the threshold. And of course, as soon as we got them both outside they decided to explore underneath the back steps and foundation first.

Penny the explorer.

Hunter the chicken.

Penny eventually came out and explored the whole yard, with Hunter lagging a good 20 minutes behind anything she did. We both stayed outside to make sure they didn’t do a runner — we’ll build up slowly to free-range kitties.

Kitties roaming under watchful supervision.

Our yard is fenced in on all sides, except for a few kitty sized holes at the back corners that I had the good sense to patch up haphazardly. Penny seemed particularly interested in these areas so I’ll have to be on the lookout for any other escape routes.

Penny sniffing my make-shift hole patch.

We stayed outside for about an hour, until the cats seemed comfortable and happy chasing all the flies.

Camo kitties on the prowl.

Kitty butt and weird gnome things that came with the house.

I see a fly.

New smells.

Team kill (with cuteness).

On the hunt.

Hanging among the lemon tree clippings.

Timid. Hunter. Oh the irony.

Posing picture perfectly.

We tried letting the cats back outside later in the afternoon but they didn’t seem much interested, they were pretty worn out from their first exploration. We’ll have to try again after work or on the weekend, though it works out better if we’re both home since they can run in opposite directions.

Recuperation after the sojourn outside.

Other things I accomplished this weekend; pruning the lemon tree; laundry; packing for burning man; grocery shopping; waxing my legs; making lemon juice; knitting; photography; cat liberating; eating; showering; cleaning beads.

Stockpiling lemon juice for lemonade and Vodka Collins.

The beads I made in ceramics class and Raku fired, which leaves carbon anywhere you didn’t glaze. It also leaves a layer of soot where you did glaze, so you have to clean the piece after you fire it. I finally got around to cleaning the beads this weekend, and even strung them up on a necklace, which I proceeded to wear around. I had forgotten I was wearing the necklace when Peter and I walked to the grocery store, which only added to my confusion when I heard a pop and suddenly shiny objects were flying around me. I stood for a moment in stunned silence before the “oh crap” eascaped and I rushed to join Peter chasing the beads rolling down the street. We thought we found them all and continued to the grocery store, but on our way back we both saw another bead at the exact same moment. “I saw it first” “no you didn’t I did” “nuh uh” “yeah huh”.

Beads recovered from projectile disaster.

I transplanted this artichoke from our last house where it suffered in the shade. It didn’t grow for the two months after I moved it then all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, it took off. Hopefully it will make it through the winter and we’ll have artichokes next year. I think there might be artichokes that produce in the winter and others that produce in the summer, and if so I’d like to get at least one of each. Research required!

Artichoke plant: it's alive!


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