August 24, 2008

Collared and Belled

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Not a happy kitty.

We are planning on letting our cats outside as soon as they get big enough — against the *strong* recommendation against this by the San Francisco SPCA. The SPCA argued that they would have shorter life spans if they were let outside, but my counter-argument is what kind of life would that be? Every indoor-only cat I have ever know has been weird and neurotic in some sort of way — I think the house is just too small a world for something that was born to roam free.

We are going to start by letting them into the back yard, with the hope that they are small enough that they won’t be able to jump over the back fence just yet. Just in case they do escape/get lost during this process we bought collars for them today, both leopard(?) print in different shades. For some reason all of the collars came with little bells attached, which I thought we would have to remove, but was hoping to leave for a day to amuse myself. That definitely did *not* work out. Penny in particular freaked out about the “toy” which she could not reach.

Where's the toy??

I can hear it but can't reach it. Ahhhhhhh.

We waited a couple minutes to see if she’d calm down then Peter used a pair of wire cutters to clip off the bell when she didn’t.


Once the bell was removed neither cat seemed to mind the collar much, though we had to make sure that they were tight enough because otherwise the cats could get their lower jaws in them, which would be a horrible way to be stuck for the day. Hopefully the proper sizing precludes them getting snagged on things as well.

Settling into the new collar.

Collar, what collar?

I feel a little weird putting collars on them. I mean, I know it is necessary, but now they seem more like things and less like little people. Ironically, we’re putting collars on them so that they can go outside, which I think allows them to be more like cats and less like animated stuffed animals. So I guess it’s a trade off.

Comotose kitties, preparing for night-time shenanigans.


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