August 13, 2008

Everything and the bathroom sink

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Peter and Kevin on the way to breakfast

Sunday after the party we went out to breakfast with our friend Kevin, then Peter spent most of the day in bed, which is a sure sign that he is sick (though I’m not ruling out some sort of party-induced illness). Luckily he had the cats keeping him company.


He woke up briefly mid day to wash the dishes from the party (woot woot).

Am I lucky or what?

Then he took another nap after which we went shopping for bathroom sinks and doors at Building REsources, a salvage yard in San Francisco. I love salvage yards, they’re full of neat old crap and are usually prettier up with plants and sculpture.

If we ever decide to replace our claw-foot tub

Unfortunately the corner sink they had wasn’t small enough and the only correctly sized pre-hung door was slightly wonky.

Beautiful, but too big

Hundreds of doors, but to no avail

Monday after work we went to a local plumbing store called LP Decorative Plumbing. The guy we talked to there was very helpful and pulled out a dozen catlogs to show us different options — even photocopying the ones we liked! Then we went home and I obsessively shopped on the Internet for more sinks.

So many sinks, so little time

I can’t say I found anything I was really in love with. I drew out the dimensions of the bathroom in tape on our dining room floor and then added in the different sink dimensions.

Not a dead body

Our options are limited because the size is so small — 30″ x 73″. I dreamed of having a little corner sink, with an undermount porcelain bowl, marble counter, and small cabinet underneath. There is just room, but it seems that no one makes such a thing. Instead we have to pick between a wide, shallow, wall mount sink (the pipes will show), a small pedistal sink (no counter space), or make something custom (lots of work and money, also might not even be possible).


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