August 12, 2008

When a cube is more than a cube

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The party went well this weekend but I don’t have any picture yet so I’ll hold off on talking about it. Instead I’ll tell you about how Adam, Rufus, and I decorated Devin’s cube today, since he apparently comes back from japan on Thursday (according to his dad).
Devin left for Japan when we were still working in the (craptastic) San Mateo office and is going to come back to an office he’s never seen before, and that everyone else has had time to settle into. So we thought we’d give him a head start.

Here's what his cube started out like

First Rufus bought these crazy psychadelic red sheets from Tap Plastic to cover the desktop

Next Adam brought in a pile of red rope lights

Then I realized I had to do more than talk, so I went and bought these plants

We put together Devin’s computer and set things up so they looked lived in.

Adam cutting the red plastic down to size with a heated exacto knife

Devin's cube looked pretty good, but there was still something missing

Devin made this orb out of calistoga water bottles. He keeps trying to give it away but it just comes back

The boxes on the left are the project Devin was working on when he left. I like how it looks like the plants grew over them

I had been obsessing on robots for a while, but was blocked on how to get robot stickers. Adam made it happen by finding pictures on the internet and printing them out on the (new whizzy) color printer at work. A little more double-sided tape and we had this:

I found the picture on the left on

Old school robots and this crazy flowering plant that matched the red theme

I like these robots the best


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