August 7, 2008

Party Prep and a new Toaster Oven

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We’re having a housewarming party this Saturday and I’m completely unprepared. For starters, it’s a barbecue, and we don’t own a barbecue. We also don’t have outdoor seating, a cooler, or any time to prepare. I take a ceramics class on Saturday mornings that doesn’t end until 1pm, the bbq starts at 3pm, I want to make lemon bars and baked macaroni and cheese, and it’s already Thursday night. The current plan is to go to the grocery store after work tomorrow, come home, make lemon bar, make baked macaroni and cheese. Crazy?
Tonight I cleaned up the back yard, which had limitations given the large pile of bricks unfortunately living there now, after the brick-pillar project.

Notice the large pile of bricks on the left hand side

And the 180 view, now neatly trimmed

In other news, my work recently moved offices, which is really really exciting. The old office was in San Mateo and required an hour ride on the train in order to get to work. That office was dispersed to two existing offices; one in Santa Clara, one in San Francisco. The old building had the executive offices around the outside and the engineering area in the middle — so no windows anywhere. Here’s what the new office looks like:

My across-the-aisle neighbor

The wall of windows, where my plants can actually survive

The new office already has a kitchen, so lots of redundant kitchen supplies are being jettisoned, including two toaster ovens, so I had my choice! I couldn’t decide so I did a side by side toaster comparison:

Heated toaster poptart fight!

We have a vending machine filled with junk food so I spent a quarter and bought a packet of pop tarts. One toaster burned the pop in the middle, the other was evenly toasted… hmm, which to choose? Peter was working from home so I convinced him to ride down to the office and carry the toaster oven home in his huge red bag.

This bag is huuuuuge

And now I’ll leave you with cute kitty pictures:

These cats are *crazy* about paper

I actually had to stop in the middle of writing this to chase hunter and a piece of my note paper down. Now she is trying to eat a nickel, which also seems bad. <sigh> Oh shit, now she’s pulling the cable and charger off the desk **CRASH**


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